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SSSV It sums up in sutras the science of phonetics and grammar that had evolved in the Vedic religion. Panini divided the work into eight chapters , each of which is further divided into quarter chapters.

Beyond defining the morphology and syntax of Sanskrit language , Ashtadhyayi distinguishes between usage in the spoken language and usage that is proper to the language of the sacred texts.

With its complex use of metarules , transformations , and recursions , the grammar in Ashtadhyayi has been likened to the Turing machine , an idealized mathematical model that reduces the logical structure of any computing device to its essentials. All these ancient Mathematical works are so beautiful and yet there are no translations available for the public.

Only somebody who knows Sanskrit and knows Mathematics in a modern way can appreciate these works! That is just not acceptable. This work set the linguistic standards for Classical Sanskrit. SCIENCE Sanskrit , the vocabulary of which is derived from root syllables , is ideal for coining new scientific and technological terms.

This is a map of the wheel-ruts of modern English. Etymologies are not definitions ; they are explanations of what our words meant and how they sounded years ago. SSSV 3. Religion and Science must merge in GOD. This handbook answers some of the needs of the many who have to deal with spoken Mathematics , yet have insufficient background to know the correct verbal expression for the written symbolic one.

For that year , I felt like someone who had discovered the meaning of life and could not explain it to anybody else. And in a sense , I still feel that way for the following reason. Without work you can never succeed. A lazy person is bound to perish in the " struggle for existence " , one cannot live , one must die. Rise to the GOD-Consciousness to such a degree that for you your past relations may become a complete blank.

Your relation to the world should become the relation of GOD to the world ; an entire change. From one point of view , mind and intellect are not Brahman ; but on the other hand , mind and intellect are nothing else but Brahman , even the body is nothing else but Brahman , and Everything in the world is nothing else but Brahman.

How do criticism and evil thoughts injure you? They injure you only when you receive them ; if you do not receive them , they will not injure you. Can you transfer your consciousness? Put it here , your consciousness should sit here. Can it sit here? Now it is inside your body. It is operating through the body and you are seeing through the aperture of your eyes and then perceiving a person like me here.

Immanuel Kant is said to have been woken up by Hume from " dogmatic slumber " and brought about a " Copernican revolution " in the field of philosophy. In Kant we begin to reap the ripe fruits of philosophy , for it is here that it shows signs of its having reached maturity and full development.

Here you will find eBooks and articles as well as audios and videos on yoga , meditation , philosophy , scriptural texts and related subjects. I am composing the Atmabodha , or Self-Knowledge , to serve the needs of those who have been purified through the practice of austerities, and who are peaceful in heart , free from cravings , and desirous of Liberation. TaiU 2. The knower of Brahman attains the highest.

Here is a verse uttering that very fact : " Brahman is truth , knowledge , and infinite. One who has one's mind Self-absorbed through Yoga , and who has the vision of sameness everywhere , sees this Self existing in everything , and everything in one's Self. One who sees Me in everything , and sees all things in Me — I do not go out of one's vision , and one also is not lost to My vision.

Some minds with too much self reliance in themselves , and without considering the true nature of things , give them different forms and colours , according to their own conceptions and opinions , though far from truth. It has many verses containing chosen examples on all subjects.

There is nothing anywhere apart from the Self. There is not a blade of grass apart from the Self. You are Immortal. You are ALL Pervasive. You are GOD. You are Great. You are Speech. There is no doubt of this. That which is known as Brahman , or the Self , is the timeless Truth.

Unalloyed Being , it alone is for all eternity. Nonduality is its nature. Imagination in the mind always exaggerates. Exaggeration is a modification of lie. Aspirants should not exaggerate. They should utter words with mathematical and scientific precision. An aspirant is asked to give up company and observe Mouna. The keeping up of a daily spiritual diary is an indispensable requisite. It is certainly of paramount importance. Those who are already in the habit of keeping it know its incalculable advantages.

A little dynamite from within destroys the whole superstructure which held it. You strike one object to the core ; an atomic bomb manifests itself. Athato bhaktim vyakhyasyamah 1. Now , therefore , we shall teach Bhakti , or the Religion of Divine Love. Now , therefore , I will try to explain the process of devotional service. Now , therefore , the doctrine of devotion we shall expound. MahaBhava is a Divine Ecstasy. It shakes the body and mind to their very foundation.

It is like a huge elephant entering a small hut. The house shakes to its foundation. Perhaps it falls to pieces. The storyteller meant to lay particular stress on the importance of the sacred Mantram OM.

The object is to show that this sacred syllable OM is the end of knowledge in the entire world. One who does not know the true worth of silence will always speak nonsense. Rama has written in simple language , the ordinary thoughts and ideas that satisfy the mind and show the Divine Vision to the writer both within and without.

The whole world shining like the diamond is becoming the Divine Ocean. What you gave up is of no importance now.

What have you not given up? Find that out and give up that. Unless the mind is set free and casts away all desires , cravings , worries , delusion , pride , lust , attachment , likes and dislikes , etc , it cannot enter the domain of Supreme Peace. GOD OM! GOD 3OM! As long as the mind is there , your body and your world are there. Your world is mind-made , subjective , enclosed within the mind , fragmentary , temporary , personal , hanging on the thread of memory. The sense " I am a person in time and space " is the poison.

In a way , time itself is the poison. In time , all things come to an end and new ones are born , to be devoured in their turn. Theory is very good indeed , but how are we to carry it into practice? If it be absolutely impracticable , no theory is of any value whatever , except as intellectual gymnastics.

We want to worship a living GOD. I have seen nothing but GOD all my life , nor have you. Throughout the whole range of our knowledge , the explanation which is based upon the nature of the thing itself is a scientific explanation , and an explanation which brings in an outside agent is unscientific.

The noumenon is not something different from the phenomena , but it is the very noumenon which has become the phenomena. Evolution of Languages OM! The Ashtadhyayi is generative as well as descriptive. PVSSV 9. NOSD V. You , as the ego , are the basic lie. Log In. Message automatically replaces this text OK.


Panini’s Ashtadhyayi sets linguistic standards

In other words, language is the storehouse of all human knowledge and it is represented by words and meanings. Across languages, even though words and their usage differ but their conceptual meanings remain unchanged. Interestingly, the dictionary meanings are rarely taken into consideration. Hailed as the founder of literature and language, this famous Sanskrit Grammarian gave a scientific analysis of Sanskrit phonetics and morphology.


Panini Ashtadhyayi

Panini developed Ashtadhyayi the Sanskrit grammar which contains a comprehensive set of rules which contains approximately rules for Sanskrit grammar. Panini Ashtadhyayi has 8 chapters divided into 4 padas. A sUtra or rule is referenced as x. For example sUtra 1. After all these different evaluations, I think that the grammar merits asserting … that it is one of the greatest monuments of human intelligence. Kapil Kapoor the chief editor of Encyclopedia of Hinduism described the India linguistic system in four phases, in which he dedicated two phase to Panini.

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