Set contents: instrument, 2 RPM adapters, reflecting tape marks, surface speed test wheel, operating manual and carryng case. Login Register. Region Macedonia Kosovo Global. All Products.

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Set as homepage. Add to my favorite. ACA leakage meters. Altitude meter. Anemometers vane type, hot wire type. Calibrator, Simulator, Checker, Black body. Capacitance decade box. Capacitance meters. Car testers, Automotive testers. Chlorine meter. Clamp meters Power clamp. CO carbon Monooxide meter. CO2 carbon dioxide meter.

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Oxygen meters Dissolved Oxygen meters. Photo sensor Photo interrupter. Power adaptor. Power analyzers, Watt meters. Pressure meters. Pressure sensor. Pressure transducers, Pressure transmitters.

Proximity sensor. RCCB tester Residual current breaker tester. Resistance Decade Box. Salt meter. Scales, Balances.

Sensors, Probes, Electrodes. Simulator, Calibrators, Checker. Software data acquisition, data logger. Sound level meters. Tachometers photo, contact, laser.. TDS Total dissolved solids meters. Temperature probes. Thermometers Infrared, no contact thermometer.

Thermometers Pen type. Thermometers PT ohm. Thermometers Thermocouple. Torque meters, Torque wrench. Transmitters, full line. Turbility meter. Ultrasonic Leakage Detector, Ultrasonic transmitter. Vacuum meter. Vibration meters. Water quality meters Pure water tester. Watt meters Power Analyzer. Wi-Fi Converter. All in one series. Economical series. Education series. Green power series. HA series. Heavy duty series. Intelligent series.

LM series. MY series. New pocket series. Pen series. Pocket series. SD Card series. YK series. YK series Real time data logger series. Air quality monitor. Vibration meter. Picture I.

AISC 358-05 PDF

Tachometer LUTRON DT-2268



Photo Contact Tachometer – Lutron DT-2268



Lutron Tachometer (photo/contact) DT-2268


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