Don't have a profile? View more versions of this product. Catalog No. Lipofectamine LTX Reagent is advanced solution for gene expression in both common and challenging cell types. No other plasmid DNA-specific transfection reagent can match efficiency, convenience, and gentleness of Lipofectamine LTX Reagent for transfection of primary, challenging, and sensitive cell lines.

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Lipofectamine LTX Reagent is a plasmid transfection reagent that offers a balance of potency and gentleness for your cells, resulting in high transfection efficiencies and viabilities. This reagent provides an advanced solution for gene expression in common cell lines, particularly Chinese Hampster Ovary CHO , and challenging cell types such as primary neural progenitor cells, primary fibroblasts and primary epithelial cells.

Download the DNA delivery flyer. In addition to being excellent for transfecting primary and difficult-to-transfect cells, Lipofectamine LTX Reagent provides you with the most versatile approach to transfecting established cells lines, including those that are sensitive to other transfection reagents Figure 1. Figure 1. Ten cell lines were transfected with luciferase-expressing plasmids following recommended protocols for the respective reagents. V and assayed for luciferase expression.

Primary cells have traditionally been difficult to transfect. Figure 2. Lipofectamine LTX Reagent 1. GFP expression was analyzed 24 hr post-transfection. Data courtesy of the Beverly Davidson laboratory, University of Iowa. Lipofectamine LTX Reagent has a new easy protocol with improved performance.

No need to remove transfection complexes, or change medium following transfection. Note: You clicked on an external link, which has been disabled in order to keep your shopping session open. Search Thermo Fisher Scientific. Search All. See Navigation.

Broad compatibility with cell lines. Transfect primary cells efficiently. Simple, rapid serum-compatible protocol.

Figure 3. Meet the inventor. Plasmid transfection protocol. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.


Transfection using Lipoectamine

For other formats, adjust the amounts according to Scaling Up or Down Transfections below. Consider varying cell density for further optimization. Note: Visit www. Use these guidelines to transfect DNA into mammalian cells in a well format after optimizing the reactions as described above. All amounts are given on a per well basis. Note: Read Important Guidelines for Transfection above before using antibiotics. Use these guidelines for high-throughput transfections, or if dispensing small amounts of reagents.


Lipofectamine LTX with Plus Reagent


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