Cabeceras Temas. Marco Antonio. Roma, 14 de enero de 83 a. Esta ley se conserva en unas tablas de bronce halladas en Osuna el antiguo Urso a finales del siglo XIX bronces de Osuna , y en once fragmentos encontrados en El Rubio a principios del siglo XX.

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Log In Sign Up. Vetius C. Bruns, Fontes 7, n. II — III interpreted as part of a Caesarian program to 87— cf. VIII ; Eph. The text originally to the local population for having supported consisted of nine tablets. The first set of bronze Pompey in the civil war. V, VII and a part of tab. IX One of the main problems as is true also of were discovered in —5 and first edited by other Flavian copies is to determine which M.

In eleven more fragments all the modifications of Antony and Augustus, from tab. LXI , and the oath the first tablet containing chapters 13—20 was ch. XCVII it seems that a further tablet had been found in demonstrates that this part has been copied , but unfortunately its location today is from the original lex Iulia municipalis. IV essentially coin- there is no epigraphic evidence for the full cides with ch.

Pliny the Elder Iuliae, have also been pointed out Crawford Plin. This colony was on the other hand, many other clauses suggest probably composed of veteran soldiers Le later composition. Roux 50 , although Pliny the Elder The content is far from systematic, or at least Plin. These are the remai- ceived for the urban plebs, tribus urbanae ning fragments: tab.

I chs. We have, however, tab. V chs. LXI ex. Edited by Roger S. Bagnall, Kai Brodersen, Craige B. Champion, Andrew Erskine, and Sabine R.

Huebner, print pages — Published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd. DOI: VII col. CXI ex. VIII col. CVI ex. IX col. This follows Roman pat- detected. I covers the obligations of the terns; for example, funerary rituals, whether magistrates and the division of the people into burials or cremations, within the walls of the the twenty-four curiae in which the citizens colony were prohibited, exactly as was the case must vote, establishing also the fines imposed within the pomerium of Rome.

The requirements for decurio-status are also laid out. In the last part of tab. VII and Broadhead, W. VIII the responsibilities of distribution and veteran settlement. Erdkamp, A companion to the Roman army: — New York. Elections are the subject of tab. Other divi- Caballos Rufino, A. Caballos Rufino, A. Avance on those of Rome itself. The system consisted preliminar. Crawford, M. It is signif- Athenaeum — Dessau, H. Coloniae Genetivae Iulia Ursonensis. The equiv- Genetivae Iuliae. Arce and J.

Lamberti, eds. Ando and J. Classical and Christian Rome: 34— Le Roux, P. Bronzeinschriften von El Rubio. Klasse — Related Papers. By Joerg Ruepke. The Roman state: laws, lawmaking, and legal documents By Gregory Rowe. By Federico Russo. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up.


Religion in the lex Ursonensis

Don't have an account? The Caesarian lex Ursonensis , the founding charter of a Hispanic colony, is one of the few documents attesting to attempts at systematic thinking about religion and its severe limits. This chapter reviews different areas of regulation, in particular priesthoods and the festivals and its locations, but also the concept of religion implied against the background of attested or supposed forms of import or export of specifically Roman religion. By the authors of the law, thus the argument runs, religion is a complex practice only certain elements of which fall into the realm of public regulation, when and insofar as questions of public authority and responsibility are concerned. Oxford Scholarship Online requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books within the service.


Additional Latin Inscriptions: 2

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