From the age of 14, he wrote stories for a fanzine. After he finished school, he became a scientific journalist for some ten years. During that period his affinity for science appeared, which he blends with his favourite topics: from ants in death up to the origins of the humanity. The writings of Bernard Werber are translated into thirty-five languages and with 15 million copies sold in the world today, Bernard Werber is one of the most read French contemporary authors in the world along with Mark Levy.

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The Thanatonautes. Man has explored everything: the world of space, the underwater world, the underworld, yet it lacks the knowledge a world, the continent of the dead. This is the next frontier. Michael Pinson and his friend Raoul Razorbak, two young researchers without complex and want to meet this challenge, using the techniques medicine but also the most modern of Astronautics, leave to the discovery of paradise.

Their name? The Greek Thanatos god death and communities browser. Their guide? The Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Egyptian Book of the Dead but the great myths and sacred texts of virtually all religions that seem to always have knew what the last trip and the true paradise.

Little Thanatonautes little stand at the map of the world unknown and discover the vast and fabulous scenery. Ministry word terra incognita back together, day after day, learn what happens to us after releasing our last breath.

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Explorer of death. Formerly, all men were afraid of death. She was as a permanent background noise that no one forgot second. Everyone knew that after all his actions are was his own demise. And all this anxiety spoiled pleasures. Woody Allen, an American philosopher of the late twentieth century, had a phrase to describe the state of mind prevailed in those days ia: As long as man is mortal, he can not be really relaxed. History textbook, second year elementary course.

Even now, in retrospect, I can not believe that what. I can not I believe that participated in this great epic. And I hard to believe that I survived to testify. Of course, nobody could imagine that everything would and so far so fast. What pushed us into this madness?

I do not know no. Maybe something stupid called the curiosity. The same curiosity that makes us want to We lean over the canyons to see us. Perhaps the need for adventure in a world of increasingly idle and dispassionate. Some say: It was registered, it had to happen as well.

But I do not believe in pre-written destiny. I believe that men make choices and that they take. This These are the choices that shape the destinies and these choices men may draw the universe. I remember everything, every episode of every word, every expression of this great adventure. Stack If I had to seek the origins of all events that are chained, I would have to go back far, far later in my own past.

Like all children, there was the day for me M, the discovery of death. My first death was just a man accustomed to living among the dead. It was Mr. Smith, our butcher. His motto was registered large print in his window: At Duponts all good. One morning my mother told me we could not buy filet mignon at home tomorrow because Sunday. Smith was dead. He was crushed by a carcass Charolais beef that had unexpectedly stalled.

I was about four years. She lowered her eyes. It is also leaving the home, city, country. Like when you hand in holidays?

Because when one is death, it does not move. Its great! How is this possible? It is perhaps this clumsy attempt to explain the death of the butcher Dupont was born in me ground of curiosity which, much later, Raoul Razorbak able to germinate his delusions.

Finally at least thats what it seems. Three months later, when I was told that my arriregrandAglaia mother was dead, too, I said, paratil Even Aglaia is dead? So there, Id be surprised she is able! Furious, my great-grandfather rolled his eyes and uttered this terrible sentence I never forget: - But you do not know that death is the thing most horrible that can happen! I didnt know the answer. If there is something with which we were not kidding, its death!

My father took over. Everyone wanted me to understand that. We do not talk about no, it does not mention it, if you pronounce his name, it is with. Under no circumstances we can not pronounce the word in vain, it is bad luck. It shook me. Its horrible. And if you were not heartless you cry! It must be said that since the dawn, my brother Conrad, he, flowed like a mop bathrooms that drained. Oh, when people die, we must cry? We do I said nothing.

Things that go without saying are better by saying. To help me cry, my father, exasperated by my arrogance juvenile, also gave me a pair of slaps. That way, he hoped, I remember: one, the sentence Death is the most horrible thing that can happen and two, that we do not mess with these things. I insisted again father returning from the funeral of great-mother Aglaia.

Youll see, when we die, He will not cry either! There, I began to understand that no good not Mess with death. After that, once you told me a passage from life to. Tears came easily and it was nice to everyone. Then I had a more direct contact with death. In fact: to seven years, it was me who died. The event occurred in February, on a beautiful clear day. It must be said that we had had previously a very mild January and is very common that a mild January succeeding February 1 very sunny.

Do not you see that it will - Noooo!!!!!! Long screech of brakes.


Les thanatonautes. Bernard Werber. English

Explorer of death. She was like a constant background noise that no one forgot for a second. Everyone knew that after all his actions was his own disappearance. And this anxiety ruining all the fun. Woody Allen, an American philosopher of the late XXA century had a phrase to describe the mood that prevailed in those days: "As long as man is mortal, he will not be really relaxed. Even now, looking back, I can hardly believe that what happened has actually occurred.


Bernard Werber

The book deals with the search for afterlife. Les Thanatonautes is first in a five-part series. The book, which one could classify as philosophic science fiction with a hint of fantasy , takes us on a voyage to the last unexplored continent, death. The term thanatonaute is derived from "thanatologie", comes from the Greek god of death Thanatos and nautis navigateur and thus signifies navigator of death or explorer of death. The novel tells the story of a researcher Michael Pinson and his friend Raoul Razorbak who go explore the Ultimate Continent called New Australia : the continent of death. This adventure takes us across the different zones of the continent of the dead to the famous light.


Les Thanatonautes by Bernard Werber


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