Integrating access multiplexer for data, voice, fax and LAN Maximizes utilization of main link bandwidth Main link data rates from 9. TFTP support for common logic software upgrade. Kilomux is a compact, modular time-division multiplexer. Kilomux uses time-division multiplexing to ensure minimal delay and protocol transparency, so that applications such as SNA and voice are assured the bandwidth and short delay they require.

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Pulse Supply is a supplier of enabling technologies for next generation business and telecommunications service provider networks! Contact us at for more information on our products and services! General Hot Solutions Cisco routers and switches - Alternative? SMS for business - Own a gateway? Cellular service for a town, Solution? Manage WiFi - From the Cloud?

Terminate SS7 - Media gateway? WAN optimization - Easy? Replace analog phone lines - Solution? How to Buy Offices Email Support. Features Modular integrating access multiplexer for data, voice, fax and LAN Advanced voice compression techniques maximize utilization of main link bandwidth and provide high quality low bit rate voice from 4. Main links data rates range from 9.

Main link buffers and echo cancellation on the voice channels ensure full operation over radio and satellite. Kilomux uses time-division multiplexing TDM techniques to ensure minimal delay and protocol transparency, so that applications such as SNA and voice are assured the bandwidth and short delay they require.

Kilomux enables transmission of high quality voice either compressed or uncompressed. Kilomux can be used in point to point applications between two sites, or in "V" or chain applications for multiple sites. This feature enables alternate routing in case of failure. Various timing modes are available, enabling the system to take the received clock from a main link, a sub channel or an internal oscillator clock.

Kilomux features: A powerful CPU, able to meet future requirements Software download capability to facilitate system upgrades Full SNMP agent, providing improved RADview support faster operation, capable of multiple unit management from a single station Ethernet management port Telnet support.

Kilomux With its compact size of only 1U, the Kilomux was designed for applications at smaller sites. Interfaces supported: V. The Kilomux supports up to two main link modules. The second main link module can be used as a redundant link for backup, or as a load-sharing link to provide double capacity. Common Logic modules can also be ordered separately for special purposes. Refer to the separate KDI data sheet for more details. Up to 4 modules can be accommodated by the smaller Kilomux Interfaces supported include V.

Advanced speech coding techniques include G. On power-up and during normal operation, automatic self-test and link-tests are performed.

Any problems are reported to the system management. The system provides direct on-line supervision, configuration, diagnostics and alarm reception. Storing all configuration information in non volatile memory ensures data integrity in the event of power failure. Desktop Version.



Especially suited for the satellite environment, the Kilomux sub-rate multi-service multiplexer contains an elastic buffer to deal with the long delay introduced by the wireless path. Supporting SCADA, the Kilomux sub-rate multi-service multiplexer is also particularly suitable for utility companies. The Kilomux sub-rate multi-service multiplexer uses time division multiplexing TDM to ensure minimal delay and protocol transparency. The Kilomux sub-rate multiplexer provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for integrating data, voice, fax, and LAN traffic over digital data services, leased lines, IP, ISDN, and other services. Access to the various services is provided over a variety of standard interfaces at data rates ranging from 9.



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