The Kidosaki House is a house of great refinement located in a quiet residential district not far from the center of Tokyo, Japan. Its spaces are breathtaking in their sheer beauty. There is little to comment on with respect to this work. The beauty of its spaces leaves the observer at a loss for words.

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The second project of this module is a group project which consists of only two people in one group. This project required us to design a pavilion in Taman Botani, Shah Alam. We are first required to do a site visit in Taman Botani, Shah Alam and select our site to conduct a site analysis to further understand the site.

After selecting our site in Taman Botani, we are required to design a pavilion for relaxation and outdoor human activities purposes based on the site context and the users. Furthermore, we also have to produce a scale model of our pavilion and do six A3 size hand drawn presentation boards which includes our site analysis, diagrammatic explanations and descriptions of our pavilion design, detail drawings of floor plans, elevations, sections, axonometric and perspectives of our pavilion model.

Besides that, I had also learned that each site has different site context, human activities, circulations and different views and vista. These are the important factors that have to be considered before designing the pavilion that has to suitable for the users.

In this project, I have to first produce a few conceptual models as part of the design process of this project.

After that, I am encouraged by my tutor to do some precedent studies on some famous buildings such as, Farnsworth House, Church of Light and Thermal Vals. In this project, I have the choice of selecting users for my retreat house and the retreat house that I design must consists of important architectural spaces such as living, dining, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and so on. Moreover, the design of my retreat house has to be corresponded to the site context and human activities of my site.

This project required me to produce a final model with a scale of and a sectional model of scale , both crafted with balsa wood or white modeling board. Furthermore, I am also required to do three A1 size hand drawn presentation boards which include my site analysis, design concepts, design intentions, diagrammatic explanations and design process with sketches and diagrams and also full set of architectural drawings of roof plans, floor plans, elevations , sections, sectional detail, axonometric, site section, site plan, and perspective drawings of my retreat house.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Let your users get to know you. Besides that, I had also learned how to develop a concept based on the site context of my site through some precedent studies and suggestions from my tutor. In this project, I also how to develop the form of my retreat house and strengthen my design concept though many design processes.

In this project required us to do a precedent on a given architect and a building by extracting and interpreting the design elements and principles of the building. Moreover, we have to conduct researches and studies on our given architect, Tadao Ando and building, Kidosaki House. After that, we have to present our precedent studies through presentation slides to our course mates and tutors. We are also required to do drawings of site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, axonometric and perspective of Kidosaki House.

Besides that, we also have to do hand drawn presentation boards in A3 size with sketches, analysis diagrams and descriptions on the design elements and principles of Kidosaki House.

To add on, the project required us to produce ten diagrammatic models that are informative and are able to express the analysis of design elements and principles. This site was designed with the.


Tadao Ando, Kidosaki House, Tokyo, Japan, 1986

Text description provided by the architects. The creation of a building in which the space is simplified to the utmost limit and the people could have primitive experiences there: the House of Senzokuike, known as Monolith, was created under that proposition. Its initial concept was strongly influenced by the story of the movie "Space Odyssey ", in which "Monolith", a black extraterrestrial slate, first gives "intelligence" to an ape. Not only the necessity of meeting the strict laws and regulations for the protection of quiet cityscapes, but also its location with differences of elevation, which might cause the windows to face other houses' windows, provided this building with the theme of integration between the heaven and underground. This house with a balanced and neat facade may look different every time you visit it because of the combination of the outer wall of the hot-dip galvanized phosphoric acid steel panels and the metal black stone floor.


Kidosaki House

This spacious house was built as a home for three families: a newlywed couple and both sets of parents. In actuality, there are three homes, one on each floor. The main goal of the project was to maintain the independence of each house and each family. The entire project consists of a cube, 12 meters per side, in the center of the plot and a curved wall in front near the entrance.


The Kidosaki House by Architect Tadao Ando


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