Pipes, valve , corrosion protection materials. When the document has been approved to publish on the intranet, a copy of this Document Control page should be sent to the QA section who is custodian of KM quality management system. Purpose This Standard provides Material Standards Sections Engineers the specification of materials used for water works. Materials Specification Engineer.

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Regulations for the Installation of Electrical Wiring Regulations for the Installation of Electrical. Large industrial and public buildings shall be subject of detailed study by the Customer. The authorized. Electrical power supply will not be made. Any deviation to this regulation to be. Where difficult or special situations arise which are not covered or.

Systems for the transmission and distribution of energy to the public or to power except. Those aspects of installations in potentially explosive atmosphere relating to methods of. Those parts of telecommunications e. Requirements for the segregation of o the r. Emergency Lighting , See. Electrical equipment of motor vehicles, except those to which the requirements of the se.

Radio interference suppression equipment, except so far as it affects the safety on an. The manufacturer drawings of MCC shall not be evaluated. Note 02 : For guidance on protection of building against lightning, see BS : The atmosphere is salt laden and very corrosive.

The prevailing winds are nor the rly and gales. The maximum ground temperature is 30 0 C at a depth of 1 metre. The maximum. The mean and maximum Relative Humidity during the summer month of April to September. The average annual rainfall is 50 mm and generally falls between the months of January and. April inclusive. Accessory: Any device, o the r than a lighting fitting, associated with the wiring and current.

Adapter, Socket Outlet: An accessory for insertion into a socket outlet and containing. Ambient Temperature for Cable : The temperature of the surrounding medium under. Apparatus: Electrical apparatus, including all machines, equipment and fittings in which. Appliance : Any device which utilise electricity for a particular purpose, excluding a lighting. Caravan: Any structure designed or adapted for human habitation which is capable of.

The regulations. Channel for Cables : A groove cut or for med in part of a building and intended to receive. Circuit Breaker: A mechanical device for making and breaking a circuit, both under normal. Circuit Conductor: A current carrying conductor for ming part a circuit or final sub circuit,.

Conductor of Core or Cable : The conducting portion, consisting of a single wire or of. For ear the d concentric wiring, the term may. Connector: A device intended for connection to a flexible core of flexible cable, which has. Core of Cable : The conductor with its insulation but not including any outer covering for. Damp And Dust Pro of : Applied to apparatus and accessories to denote that the live and. Damp Situation: A situation in which moisture is ei the r permanently present or.

Distribution Board: An assemblage of parts, including one or more fuse or circuit. Duct for Cables : A closed passage way for med underground in a structure and. Earth Continuity Conductor: The conductor, including any clamp, connecting to the. It may be the metal sheath and or armouring if a cable or the special earth. Earth Electrode: A metal rod or rods, a system of underground metal pipes or o the r. Ear the d: Effectively connected to the general mass of the earth.

Ear the d Concentric Wiring : A sheath return wiring system in which one or more insulated. Earthing Lead: The final conductor by which the connection to the earth electrode or o the r. Four Hours at 1. Circuit breakers set to operate at an overload not exceeding 1.

The device. Supply Networks fuses fitted with fuse links marked to indicate a class Q2 or class R fusing. Flamepro of : Applied to apparatus to denote that the containing case or o the r enclose. Flexible Cord: A flexible cable in which the cross sectional area of each conductor does not. Fuse: A device for opening a circuit by means of a fuse element designed to melt when an. It normally consists of a fuse base and fuse link.

The fuse link may. For the purpose of the se. Fuse Element: That part of a fuse which designed to melt and thus open a circuit. Isolator: A mechanical device capable of opening or closing a circuit under conditions of no. A difference of voltage exists between the conductor and earth or;. It is connected to the middle wire, common return wire or neutral wire of a supply.

Neutral Conductor: The neutral conductor of a 3 Phase 4 Wire system, the conductor of a. Single Phase of D. Non—Combustible : A non - combustible material is one which is not capable of undergoing. Non—Conducting: Presenting a barrier against risk of electric shock when interposed in. Plug: A device intended for connection to a flexible cord or flexible cable which can be. Point in Wiring : Any termination of the fixed wiring intended for the attachment of a lighting. Socket Outlet: A device with protected currently carrying contacts intended to be mounted in.

Space Factor: The ratio expressed as a percentage of the sum of the effective overall. The effective overall cross. Switch: A mechanical device for making and breaking, non automatically, a circuit carrying. Switch Linked: A switch, the blades of which are so arranged as to make or break all poles. Switchgear: Apparatus for controlling the distribution of electrical energy, or for controlling or. Trunking for Cable : A fabricated casing for cables, normally of rectangular cross section,.

Low: Normally exceeding extra low voltage but not exceeding Volts, whe the r between. Medium: Normally exceeding Volts but not exceeding Volts, whe the r between. The nominal mains frequency is 50 Hz. Under normal operating conditions the re may be a. Industrial conditions in the state may occasionally result in a short term. In emergency overload conditions, the frequency would be allowed to drop to All electrical installations works, new and or additions shall only carried out by licensed.

The authorised electrical contractors shall comply the new. All materials used in electrical installations shall be of good quality and shall comply as a. Commission I.

Specifications B. Material of o the r national standards may also be employed provide. Materials must also be as per the requirements of.

In case of doubt. Manufacturers name, trademark or o the r descriptive marking to identify manufacturer is to be. For accessories, the marking shall be of sufficient. Note On completion of an installations or an extension or major alteration to an. B All apparatus shall be suitable for the maximum power demanded by the. C All circuit conductors, including conductors for ming part of apparatus, shall be. Are suitably located and of such construction as to prevent danger from. B Where the earth fault leakage current from a circuit, due to fault of negligible.

Every single pole shall be inserted in the live conductor only. Any switch connected in. This shall not be considered to be. The metal work shall be ear the d in such a manner as will ensure immediate.


Kahramaa Water Specifications

It is a 24 hours electricity and water emergency and response center; you can report your problem or concern and follow up the progress of the response. The call center uses an auto-response system to help you minimize queuing time on the phone and speak to a call center agent. You must have your electricity and water number ready to use this service. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.


Regulations for the Installation of Electrical Wiring ... - Kahramaa

Peter Alagos. Speaking before the conference, Kahramaa president Essa bin Hilal al-Kuwari said customer engagement has improved under its Advanced Metering Infrastructure project, adding that more than , smart meters are currently installed in its grid, connected with multiple smart technologies, including fiber optics. This includes continuous need for investment, technology choice and upgrade, and cyber security issues. Al-Kuwari emphasised that Qatar is committed to the Paris Agreement Goals to combat climate change and to mitigate green-house emission effects. To further help in reducing emissions and diversifying energy sources, Qatar has set goals to increase the share of renewable energy. In this regard, Kahramaa will install the first mega photovoltaic station in Qatar with a capacity of MW in


Regulations for the Installation of Electrical Wiring Regulations for the Installation of Electrical. Large industrial and public buildings shall be subject of detailed study by the Customer. The authorized. Electrical power supply will not be made. Any deviation to this regulation to be.

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