Carrington's interest in theater manifested itself early when, with the surrealists in Paris, she wrote a number of plays. During the s she became very involved with the theater in Mexico and designed sets and costumes for her plays and those of others. Likewise her paintings of this period often have the appearance of theatrical backdrops with figures cavorting within them like actors onstage. She made a number of sketches for Eugene Ionesco's dark play dealing with death, El rey se muere, which was directed by Jodorowsky in the late sixties.

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Though we are dealing with an adaptation, the play, in my opinion, manages to maintain the public interested on the events that transpire in the court, where King Berenjena is surrounded by a broad range of characters, in a setting which at times feels medieval, at times contemporary and at times entirely fictitious. I found the situation of King Berenjena what a clever name! Is the situation graphic enough to make us see what monarch they might be referring to in the play? This monarch wants everything to bear his name, the name of the Man-King-God who stands above good and evil.

Poor fellow. Does he not recognize his human limitations? Does he really want to continue tormenting his servants with his madness? These thoughts came to mind while enjoying the suggestive dialogue of the characters of stage. During several moments of the climax, the play made the audience burst out laughing, when one of the characters of the court implored the queen to go through with her threat of kicking him in the derriere to make him land in the United States.

Incidentally, this is the country the play and subsequent stagings during the season were dedicated to. The plot does not lose steam as it unfolds. All the while, his majesty, the supreme commander in chief, in his impertinent insistence on living on, orders that his name be used for everything after he has come to the end of his vegetative existence.

I believe this is a very good play. If I lived in the reality portrayed by the narrative, life would boil down to this:. As the name of the play suggests, the king is dying, and he does die at the end.

The Queen or Queens, for there are two in the play , takes over the throne, leaving the audience to imagine what will happen as the curtains fall on a beautiful lesbian kiss. I thought this a refreshing work, inviting us to reflect about our values and beliefs, as well as question the absolute truth that, one day, all of us will die. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. July 7, August 31, Circles Robinson 1 Comment.

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El Peatón Del Aire by Eugène Ionesco

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El rey se muere

Seller Rating:. About this Item: Alianza Editorial, El Libro De Bolsillo Lb. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller 1. About this Item:. Muy buen estado.


In Cuba, “The King is Dying”



Teatro: "El rey se muere" de Eugène Ionesco


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