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Quick Links. Download this manual. User's Manual. Table of Contents. Handhelds Intermec Series User Manual series mobile computer 62 pages. Page 2 The information contained herein is provided solely for the purpose of allowing customers to operate and service Intermec-manufactured equipment and is not to be released, reproduced, or used for any other purpose without written permission of Intermec Technologies Corporation.

Added new network selection APIs. Added information about the Pho- neUtility application. Page 5: Table Of Contents Intermec Settings Applet. Page SmartSystemst Foundation Console www. Page 7 Contents Writing on the Screen Selecting the Writing. Synchronizing E-mail Messages. Deleting the Old Registry File. Page 12 Contents Customization and Lockdown FTP Server.

Page 14 Contents Index Classes and Functions General Index. Page Telephone Support Before you work with the Color, you should be familiar with your network and general networking terms, such as IP address.

Related Documents This table contains a list of related Intermec documents and their part numbers. Document Title Part Number To order printed versions of the Intermec manuals, contact your local Intermec representative or distributor.

Patent Information Product is covered by one or more of the following patents: 4,,; Page Introduction Introduction This chapter introduces the Series Color Mobile Computer, devel- oped by Intermec to enhance wireless connectivity needs.

This chapter contains hardware and software configuration information to assist you in making the most out of your Color Computer. Page Ab10 Battery If so, the Color performs a cold-boot the next time power is applied. Note: The I-Safe Computer performs a cold-boot every time its main battery is removed if it was not put in suspend mode prior to the removal. Page 21 Chapter 1 — Introduction If you have at least one device in your Color Computer radio, scan- ner, imager, or Ethernet , the battery power fail level is set so that after the system shuts down in a low battery condition, there is still sufficient charge to allow the unit to remain configured, keep proper time, and maintain DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory for at least 23 to 32 hours at room temperature if the main battery remains in the mobile computer.

The ambient light sensor turns on the display lighting when conditions warrant but automatically turns if off again as surrounding light increases. This conserves your Color battery power. Page Speaker 1—8 KHz. Microphone The built-in microphone is located on the bottom of the unit next to the Hirose docking connector.

Page External Headset Jack Chapter — Introduction External Headset Jack The external headset jack connects a mobile phone style headset to your mobile computer for use in noisy environments. The jack is a 2. Tap ok to exit this applet. Page Disable The Beeper Intermec web site at www. Contact your Intermec representative for more information. You can configure your keypad to turn on a backlight to assist you when you are working in low lighting.

Page Key Sequences Chapter 1 — Introduction Key Sequences Use the following key sequences to enter characters into your Color Computer using either a numeric keypad or an alphanumeric keypad.

Note that you cannot place this mo- dem in a dock, printer, or other devices. Contact your Intermec repre- sentative for more information. Reset button Reset button This illustration shows the back of the Color Computer on the left and of the Computer on the right. The latest software build version is displayed beneath the Version Information title. To access the Secure Digital card slot, locate the access door at the top of the Computer, remove its screws, then remove the door.

S The CompactFlash card goes into the top card clot. Page Vibrator Do the following to enable the vibrator for the Color Computer. Note that this is not a complete list. Contact your Intermec representative for in- formation about these and other accessories that are not in this list.

Accessory Descriptions Page 40 Chapter — Introduction Display: , , , , , Diagonal 89mm 3. While using your Color Computer, keep these key points in mind: S Tap Start on the navigation bar, located at the top of the screen, to quickly move to programs, files, and settings. Many of the utilities and features on a Windows Mobile device come directly from Microsoft without any mod- ification from Intermec.

There may be certain Microsoft-specific issues that Intermec would not be able to support, so contact our front-line sup- port personnel to determine the best source of assistance. On the Today screen, you can see important information for the day.

Tap to start a program. Tap and hold to change time format. Tap to change date and time. Create handwritten or typed notes, drawings, and recordings. Keep track of your tasks. Play digital audio and video files that are stored on your Series Com- puter or on a network. Lift the stylus and tap the action you want. Tap outside the menu to close it without performing an action. Notifications When you have something to do, your device notifies you in a variety of ways.

You can either type using the onscreen keyboard or write using Block Recognizer, Letter Recognizer, or Transcriber. In either case, the characters appear as typed text on the screen. To show or hide the input panel, tap the Input Panel icon.

S To insert a carriage return, tap and hold the stylus anywhere on the key- board and drag down. Tap the input panel arrow, then tap Letter Recognizer. Write a letter in the box. When you write a letter, it is converted to typed text that appears on the screen. Selecting the Writing If you want to edit or format writing, you must select it first.

Page 52 Chapter — Windows Mobile Select the text you want to convert and tap Recognize on the pop-up menu. The writing is turned into text. Tap to disable the pen function. If the conversion is incorrect, you can choose different words from a list of alternates or return to the original writing. Page Drawing On The Screen Chapter 2 — Windows Mobile S Write the letters of a word closely and leave big gaps between words so that the Color Computer can easily tell where words begin and end.

S Hyphenated words, foreign words that use special characters such as ac- cents, and some punctuation cannot be converted. Page Recording A Message Chapter — Windows Mobile Recording a Message In any program where you can write or draw onscreen, you can also cap- ture thoughts, reminders, and phone numbers by recording a message. In the Inbox program, you can add a recording to an e-mail message. In Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts, you can include a recording in the Notes tab. Tap the message to edit and enter new text at the bottom of the screen.

Tap to select a prewritten message. Finding and Organizing Information The Find feature helps you to quickly locate information. Adjusting Settings You can adjust settings to suit the way you work.

Page 57 Chapter 2 — Windows Mobile 1 Determine your Color Computer and processor type so that you know which version of the software to install. Page 58 Chapter — Windows Mobile Adding a Program Directly from the Internet 1 Determine your Color Computer and processor type so that you know which version of the software to install.

Synchronization compares the data on your Color Computer with your desktop and updates both computers with the most recent information. View connection status. Tap to connect and synchronize. Tap to stop synchronization. View synchronization status. Tap to synchronize via IR or change synchronization settings. Page Synchronizing Calendar Chapter 2 — Windows Mobile If you use Outlook on your desktop, you can synchronize appointments between your device and desktop.

Tap to go to Today Tap to display or edit the appointment details. Tap to create a new appointment Synchronizing Calendar Calendar items stored on your device can be synchronized with calendar items on your desktop or Microsoft Exchange Server. This day was assigned the Holiday category. An appointment can either be a normal appointment or an all day event, which lasts the full day or spans many days.


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