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Dual Channel Low Input. Current, High Gain. Technical Data. Requirements — 0. Voltage — 0. UL Recognized - V rms. CSA Approved. SO-8 Footprint. Option Available for 8-Pin. DIP Option Receiver - Long Line or Party. These dual channel optocouplers. A separate pin for the. V CC permits lower output satura-. In addition,. Functional Diagram. ANODE 1 1. ANODE 2 4. ON LOW. The following is a cross.

DIP part number and the. The SO-8 does not require. The lead profile is designed to be. Guaranteed operation at low input. The outstanding high temperature. Darlington type output amplifier. RSC data transmission. In addition, the high. CTR and high output current. Compatibility with high voltage. CMOS logic systems is guaranteed. Important specifications such as. CTR, leakage current, and output. Selection for lower. Selection Guide. Channel Package. HCPL [1] [1].

Small Outline SO Channel Channel. Package Package. Input ON. Single and. Technical data are on separate HP publications. They provide extremely high current transfer ratio and excellent input- output common mode transient immunity. A separate pin for the photodiodes and first gain stages V CC permits lower output satura- tion voltage and higher speed operation than possible with conventional photodarlington type optocouplers.

In addition, V CC may be as low as 1. This package occupies approximately one-third the footprint area of the standard dual-in-line package. The lead profile is designed to be compatible with standard surface mount processes. Guaranteed operation at low input currents and the high current transfer ratio CTR reduce the magnitude and effects of CTR degradation. The outstanding high temperature performance of this split Darlington type output amplifier results from the inclusion of an integrated emitter-base bypass resistor which shunts photodiode and first stage leakage currents to ground.

In addition, the high CTR and high output current capability make this device extremely useful in applications where a high fanout is required.


Agilent (Hewlett-Packard)



HCPL-2731 Optocouplers. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent


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