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What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Anyone know which transistor to use to replace a popped one?

Hi, My creative speakers have been popping for a while and it's finally gone permanently weird. Long story short I found someone else has had this problem and they replaced the transistor they found with another and it works fine.

I have found the transistor that has popped in mine and it is an NPN H transistor. It's clearly popped because of the singe marks on the board. I have removed it and I now need to buy a replacement as soon as I can and I'm looking through the maplin website but I can't be sure which one will suit.

I was gonna use a 2n because I have a load of them already because the specs seem similar but the pinout is wrong. Can anyone help me? BlueWizard Distinguished Member. That is the first parameter that must be matched. Next is current and gain, and by extension Power rating. Gain is the H FE spec. Get in the general area of these specifications, make sure the new transistor is installed correctly, that is, the emitter goes to the emitter, collector to collector, etc However, consider that the Transistor might be the symptom not the problem.

Some other component could have failed and that might have taken out the transistor. For example a capacitor might have failed in a way that caused a current surge and the current surge took out the transistor.

But the real problem, in this illustration, is the capacitor. Philip Banned. Can anyone suggest a good replacement from maplin?

Your 2N only have a working voltage of 40V as opposed to 50V of the original. The alternative should work but I suspect there's a typo and it should read BCL.

You may need to joggle the leads if the pin-out is different. Hi guys, Thank you very much for the help. I did actually de-solder the transistor and tested it and blow me if the bloody thing seems to pass the test on the multimeter.

That's why I took off a suspicious capacitor above the transistor bearing in mind there's a scorch mark in a ring around the transistor, so my mind is blown haha and I tested the cap.

The cap is rated to 10uf but measures 5uf so I've replaced that with one rated to 50v instead of 16v just in case. Hoping that was the the problem I put the transistor back and re-assembled the woofer box and it -seems- to be working. I had a little tickle when it first switched on and had one brief one later but it seems to be working.

I suspect that whilst the transistor seems to pass the test it is still damaged and could do with being replaced so for now i can use it but I'm still looking for a suitable swapout. Thank you for the typo correction because I had no idea what it should be, I know very few transistor reference codes.

I searched for it on rs components abandoned maplins, there's one 5 minutes away but they only stock half a dozen npns , and it's listed as a discontinued product. So I guess I might have to trawl through various npns until I can find something suitable but it seems like you guys might know of some or at least a good place to look.

You guys also seem to know which specifications are more important than others. If any of you do happen to come across a transistor and where i can buy it that's suitable please post it here. Thanks again guys I appreciate the help.

EDIT: I've found this one and it's looking good, what do you all think? Thanks again everyone for your help. Last edited: Jul 14, Multimeters can only do a dc gain test anyway if they have a transistor option otherwise, the most they can do is a back to back diode check. Also, transistors can partially repair themselves if they aren't damaged fatally.

If you get stuck, I'm sure we can sort you out from the Maplin range. Thanks spyder. Turns out it's still knackered but the HPs from an ebay seller are apparently in the post so i'm gonna swap it out as soon as they turn up. If all doesn't go according to plan I'll be straight back here hehe. The HPs arrived this morning, swapped out the knackered one and everything seems fine now.

I have 4 spares now too just in case Thanks all. If it goes bad again I'll be right back here. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads F. Started by Feri Apr 2, Replies: 3. Home Cinema Speakers. Has anyone ever used monitor audio radius for atmos? Started by swiftpete Dec 28, Replies: 3. Anyone using cube speakers for Atmos height?

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H945 - NPN Silicon Transistors



H945-P Bipolar Transistor


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