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But, considers the journalist, there is time enough till the election so that a solution could be found in order to obstruct him, democratically, if possible. In this paper I analyze a if a solution for the economic crisis of the Euro Area depends on the active involvement of the EU political system and b how can this involvement be made. My hypothesis is that the present crisis in the Euro Area can be solved by deepening the economic integration.

The recovery of the European economic system represented in particular by the Euro Area depends primarily on the capacity of the EU political system to reach this objective through political cooperation in the economic field.

Solving terrorist crisis is the most important sequence of the reaction steps after a critical terrorist event. It is natural to realize assertion, since only action in times of terrorist crisis is able to reach the goal estimated by the strategic decision maker.

In this article, the authors describe some theoretical and practical aspects related to solving terrorist crisis. The purpose of providing financial assistance to indebted eurozone countries is to avoid ncontrolled bankruptcies that could lead to a breakdown of the euro area with severe egative onsequences for all members of the EU. There is a high probability that the loans provided ia the stability mechanisms will not be fully recovered.

Nevertheless, the long-term benefits of hose loans are expected to exceed the costs. Therefore, this form of financial assistance hould be regarded as an investment that has its own rate of return, one that can be ontrolled or by insistence on adherence to certain rules of behaviour and diligent oversight.

Somalia, as one of the poorest countries in Africa has been on the top list of the failed states, and tried to meet the challenges such as armed conflicts, poverty and mass migration since The attempts by the international community to ensure the peace and stability in Somalia have not produced the desired results by With the famine crisis in the summer, Turkey has initiated an opening towards Somalia.

The historical backdrop, social context and multi dimensional causes of the Somalia crisis indicate that the peace and stability can only be achieved by a long term and comprehensive work coordinated with all actors.

In this context, Turkey should review the current Somalia policy and develop a comprehensive strategy. Author s : Martin D. Direk ,Karen S. Openshaw,Patrick C. This article looks at the events off the Somali Coast, which have once again thrown the spotlight on one of the oldest topics in international law: the law on piracy. Following an analysis of the situation in Somalia and the origins of, and reasons for, the existence of piracy there, the definition of piracy in international law is examined in detail.

No matter how international law is manipulated by outsiders, piracy will continue to be a fact of life in Somalia — and other places — as long as the severe social and political problems of such a dysfunctional, failed state remain unaddressed. Somalia has gone through significant changes since On the other hand, most Somalis enjoy relative peace and stability, the economy and infrastructure are improving, and daily life has normalised significantly in comparison with the period of — The most important task for the Somalis and international actors is to maintain the slow but forward process of recovery and minimise all contrary factors.

The relevance of this article is determined by the conducted systematic study of theoretical issues and problems arising when considering the historical aspects of ethno-gender, manifestation of ethno-gender in accordance with the principles of democracy and equal rights of citizens in society and the state.

The problems and questions of the realization of the ethnogender and its elements are studied using the example of international experience. In the article, we study step by step the different periods of time in which the ethnogender's questions were touched upon. The influence of the ethnogender on the national security of the state is proved. Identified problematic issues and some historical aspects of the development of the ethnogender in foreign countries and the formation in them of a special political culture of public administration.

The paper explores theoretical and methodological ideas, solutions to problems arising when studying historical and political aspect of ethno-gender as a feature of a democratic society; it examines the historical and political aspects associated with the development of ethno-gender in different states. The study defines the main concepts and categories of ethno-gender, the structure and system of this institution, as well as the influence of ethno-gender on the formation of political systems in various states, the negative and positive consequences of ethno-gender for the political system of the society, and explores models of its formation during the adaptation of nations in various political systems.

In the course of the research, the authors formulated the main theoretical propositions and recommendations on improving the application of the institution of ethno-gender in the political system of some states. The article examines the mechanisms of the ethno-gender influence on the internal political situation in different countries. The article proves the influence of ethno-gender on the national security of the state.

The authors identified problematic issues and some historical aspects of the development of ethno-gender in different countries and the formation of a special political culture of public administration there.

The aim of the article is a reflection on the place and role of non-parliamentary parties of the Polish left-wing scene. These groups are similar in their organizational structure, platforms often strikingly similar to the mainstream parties or other peripheral leftist groups , financial situation no secured budget, which is a significant obstacle in financing of election campaigns and maintaining proper structures. Bein a devisor is an important moment in the life of any person, because inheritance according to positive legal provisions is transfer by law or based on the testament of the property to one or more heirs or legates, in accordance with the rules provided for by law.

So, heritage is a legal title of acquiring property or rights without compensation which were in ownerhsip of the devisor at the moment of opening the heritage. Heritage largely or in small scale impacts on improvement of the economic or social condition of any devisee. Since the right to privacy and the right to the protection of personal data are not absolute rights, but must be considered in relation to their function in society and be balanced against other fundamental rights, in accordance with the principle of proportionality, our analysis concerns precisely this balancing of the freedom of expression with the respect for private life in the online environment.

Homeless people appeared on the streets of Bucharest in Since then, their number and the problems created by this phenomenon have steadily increased in all major cities of the country.

Only 0. All questioned homeless believe that their life has deteriorated over the past year. Most of them are interested in surviving today, tomorrow is another day.

This category of persons does not have medical insurance so almost all health investigations were made by NGOs and very few were made accessing emergency state care. Tensions concerning Polish minorities in Lithuania, and Polish-Lithuanian relations, have just taken a turn for the worse. It is becoming increasingly clear that relations are at their worst now than at any other point in the last twenty years. Emotions have become more intense, and the shadows of the past have returned.

Escalation of these tensions is becoming a serious problem, as they are fuelled by expressions of nationalism on both sides of the border.

I am worried by this state of affairs, and that is why I would like to comment the matter again. The concept of open society is among possible projective alternatives that is related to the search for an acceptable arrangement of social and political structures of society, while largely reflecting the fundamental uncertainty of reality.

Especially, we have outlined general framework of the concept of open society and the transformation of theoretical parameters of an open society into a political intention system in K. Popper and G. Soros theory of open society and the philosophy of critical rationalism. After the Great Reunion of , Romania began to sign treaties with sovereign states asserting their identity in this way. One particular episode was the signing of the agreement with the Vatican agreement recognized under the name of the Concordat.

The major interests of the Holy See were numerous political and spiritual point of view, given the previous privileges. In this study, we tried to highlight some aspects concerning relations between Romania and the Vatican of the period under analysis.

In all constitutional systems, the Constitution was imposed as a fundamental law and underpins the organizing and functioning of the state. Its adoption is a particularly important event, because it exceeds the legal status as a political-state reality, because in the Constitution are regulated and consecrated the fundamental principles of the entire social and state life. The supremacy of the fundamental law is a quality that places it at the top of the political and legal institutions of a state-run society.

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