Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Fujifilm digital camera owner's manual finepix f 51 pages. Please follow the instructions carefully.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Fujifilm digital camera owner's manual finepix f 51 pages. Please follow the instructions carefully. Page 3: Important 4. Nothing contained herein shall be construed, expressly or implicitly, as transferring or granting any right, license, or title to you other than those explicitly granted under this Agreement. Page 7 d Setting the Flash Intelligent Flash Page 8 Network Page 9: About This Manual This mark denotes additional topics that complement the basic operating procedures.

Y appears on the LCD monitor when the internal memory is active. A C Flash p. The battery will be stuck inside of the camera and disable to be taken out. At first, load the battery in the camera.

Open the battery cover. Page 16 Loading the Battery Close the battery cover. To unlock the protection, slide the switch back, and the SD Memory Card will work normally. Press the shutter button down halfway to return to Photography mode. Page Setting The Language, Date, And Time Setting the language, date, and time When using the camera for the first time after purchasing, the language, date, and time are cleared.

Set the language, date, and time. Page 22 Turning On and Off Change the date format. YY DD. To play back images, hold down w for about 1 second. C Press q. Display the [ ] screen. Turn the camera on. B Set the Mode dial to Holding the camera correctly Brace your elbows against your sides and hold the camera with both hands.

Page 27 Check the composition on the LCD monitor. Press the shutter button fully. The indicator lamp shows the camera status. Also, the camera cannot correct the red-eye effect if the face is in profile. Continued Q Clear playback or playback zooming may not be possible for still images shot on cameras other than FinePix F50fd. Select the LCD monitor display. Page 38 Viewing the Images Display another part of the image.

Press n, o, p, or q to display another part of the image. Using the erase button Pressing n erases images easily. A general guide is given below. Select the Photography mode. Turn the Mode dial to select the Photography mode. The camera settings are tailored to the scene being shot.

Pressing buttons or selecting menu allows you to specify photography functions. You can obtain the best result for shooting. Use this mode for ordinary photography. Shooting with flash allows you to take a picture of a main subject brightly.

Shooting without flash produces beautiful images that retain the natural ambience. This mode is useful for shooting 2 different types of pictures at the same time. Whole image may be soft focused. You can select shutter speeds from 1 to 8 seconds in this mode. Use this mode to freeze a moving subject fast shutter speed or convey the impression of movement slow shutter speed.

Freezes the motion of the Fast subject. Page Adjusting The Image Brightness D Exposure Compensation Adjusting the Image Brightness D Exposure Compensation Use this menu for shots to get the correct brightness exposure , such as shots with extremely high contrast between the subject and the background. Press e p again to cancel Macro mode. Choose from 7 flash modes according to the type of shot. See p. MEMO By calculating subject distance and brightness, the camera automatically adjusts the flash amount and sensitivity to suit shooting conditions.

Use a tripod to prevent camera shake when shooting in Suppressed flash mode in the dark condition. Any time, flash does not fire. The last displayed setting is the selected mode. A picture is taken after the self-timer lamp changes from lit to blinking only blinks with the 2-second self- timer.

A countdown appears on the LCD monitor indicating the time remaining until the picture is taken. You can take pictures in a wide range of conditions.

B Press n or o to select the menu. Specifies required sensitivity setting of the ambient light around the subject. The larger value of the sensitivity, the higher sensitivity is obtained. The [S ISO] higher sensitivity settings will allow you to take pictures in darker locations. The higher sensitivity settings will allow you to take pictures in darker locations. Choose the sensitivity setting that best suits the conditions.

MEMO Sensitivity is retained even when the camera is turned off or the mode setting is changed. The last 3 frames are recorded after the shutter button is released. The changed sensitivity and image size will be displayed in yellow. You can send the data to another device in the same way. Page 85 Angle: up to approx. Transmission distance is about 5 to 20 cm 2 to 7. This function is perfect when you want to post your pictures on a blog or other online forum.

Page 87 Saving blog images A Select the frame file to save. Page 89 Memory Card. The recorded specifications include information on which frames are to be printed. This section gives a detailed description of how to order your prints with FinePix F50fd. Some printers do not support date and time imprinting or specification of the number of prints. Page Reset All DPOF-compatible printer depending on the printer specifications, the date may not be printed in some cases.

You may not be able to rotate images that were shot with a camera other than the FinePix F50fd. A Press p or q to select the rotating frame file. C Press p or q to select the copying frame file.

Recording voice memos A Press p or q to select the image to add a voice memo. The voice memo stops when playback ends. Press o again to resume playback. Stop Stops playback. Press p or q while voice memo playback is stopped to go back to the previous file or advance to the next file Set the camera to r Movie mode. Set the Mode dial to r. The available recording time appears on the LCD monitor. Page if the battery runs out, or the AC power adapter and DC coupler are disconnected.

B Press n or o to change the setting. This is normal. Change the page. Initializes a Memory Card or internal memory. The larger the number, the larger the volume is emitted. Back up important frames files onto your PC or another media.


Fujifilm FinePix F50fd Manual User Guide and Detail Specification

It wasn't very pretty, it wasn't very feature packed and it wasn't even very cheap. The F50fd also ups the 'whiz bang' factor condsiderably, adding a range of new features including a mechanical CCD-shift image stabilization system, improved face detection and a 2. But can it match its predecessor's peerless image quality or has Fujifilm thrown the baby out with the bathwater by not only joining the megapixel race, but going right to the top with a full 12 megapixels? Let's find out, starting, as ever, with the headline specification. While the upgrade from the F30 to the F31fd was fairly minor, the F50fd is a completely new camera. The new 12 megapixel sensor and the image stabilization system are the most obvious changes but there is also a larger screen and some minor new features. It also makes the camera quite a bit slimmer.


Fujifilm Finepix F50fd Review

Fujifilm is helping make the world a better, healthier, and more interesting place. Contact Fujifilm with your question about FinePix F50 fd. Not what you were looking for? Sitemap Contact Us Global Site. Forward Looking Stories Fujifilm innovation has always driven the company forward.


FujiFilm FinePix F50fd Owner's Manual



Fujitsu FinePix F50FD 40473333 User Manual


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