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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Faroudja processors. Previous topic Next topic. Posted: Wed Feb 19, am. So, I've come to the point where I'm ready to step it up and get a VP. I'm highly interested in the Fauoudja line of products. They seem to have been considered the cat's meow back when laserdisc was king. Nowadays, there are so many choices on the market, it makes my head swim trying to research these things. I'm specifically interested in the DVP Has anyone out there ever owned this model?

If so, could you please give your opinions, likes, dislikes? How much of an improvement can I expect to see with this model? Posted: Fri Feb 21, am. Well, no bites on that one How about this? As far as the NRS series goes, if I score a unit set for p my TV is p would I be correct in assuming that I will still be taking advantage of a superior deinterlacing and conversion from analog composite into digital DVI which I believe I can convert to HDMI with a simple plug and my TV will just need to upscale from p to p, which should look much better than a i to p conversion??

Any input would be appreciated I own a NRS unit although not in use for long time. My unit is p so its only de-interlacing. I had a CLD hooked up to it for a brief while. It's noise reduction is best one I have found for Laserdisc. The trouble part is color processing.

It applies some filtering on Chroma and cuts the bandwidth in half. It is argued that this might be beneficial for composite video with digital audio embedded. Digital audio tracks are laid so close to Chroma signal and on poorly mastered discs leaks in.

Disadvantage: not much color on LD to begin with about lines of color on very best machine. Scaling is probably one of the earliest generation.

Last couple years most flat panels does this very good. LD video is digitized and converted to analog in the LD player once. Posted: Fri Feb 21, pm.

Thanks for the info. At this point, I'm just trying to get my feet wet with a decent VP on the cheap, as my LD player isn't the greatest yet. I see a lot of people asking a small fortune for very outdated equipment on Ebay, but if the price is right, I hope to jump on one soon. Posted: Mon Feb 24, pm. It should be here Thursday. I'm pretty excited to play around with it. I'm not expecting miracles, just hope to see a noticable improvement. I really liked this line of processors because they are made in the USA and seem to be specifically geared at upgrading i signals.

Posted: Thu Feb 27, pm. Posted: Fri Feb 28, am. Happy to say my processor arrived in one piece and fully functional! The first thing I noticed was that when paused or when I brought up the LD setup menu, I had quite a bit of the picture jumping around when I was connected directly to the TV. Now, it's rock solid steady when fed through the VP. Still trying to get all of my settings tweaked between the unit and monitor, but I'm kind of waiting until my cable comes so I have the propper connections.

Overall, I'm pretty happy. Posted: Thu Mar 06, pm. So, my cable finally came the other day and I got everything hooked up. Nice, smooth picture. Colors are more pronounced. The "detail" function is nice, it's like "sharpness" without the added noise. The differences between running through the processor vs. As mentioned above, my picture is much more stable.

Also, the 16x9 screen fills out nicely without changing the aspect. There is some of the image cropped, so it's a tradeoff, but I prefer this over the wide faces I was used to seeing. I'm pretty happy now with my current setup. Now I can begin the hunt for a better player and a projector It's funny, my wife got me back into laserdiscs last October when she gave me Phantasm II for my birthday.

It was the first new disc I had since about ' Since then, I've increased my collection from 32 titles up to 80 and purchased 2 players and now a processor. I admit it, I'm addicted!! Posted: Sat Jun 02, pm.

The prices on early tech are usually insane and high end video processing was certainly no exception. Posted: Sun Jun 03, pm. Posted: Mon Jun 04, pm. Posted: Tue Jun 05, am. Posted: Wed Jun 06, pm. Well I sent out an offer to a seller with a I read that they don't properly output p but that's not really an issue for the set I'd be using it with and the price would be right Posted: Mon Jul 02, pm. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

Author Message landisman Post subject: Faroudja processors Posted: Wed Feb 19, am. Genuinely interested. Young Padawan. Absolute fan. Advanced fan. Hardcore fan. True fan. Site Admin. Serious fan. Who is online.


Faroudja DVP1010 Installation And Operation Manual

All video information sent to your display can be digital with the new DVP , the important com ponent for all high quality theaters. The DVP processor can take any analog video source and convert it to very high performance digital DVI information. DVI sources can also be converted to the selected output resolution. The result is a crystal clear image full of depth and detail while free of motion and video processing artifacts. Get the most out of your digital display investment with the DVP For 33 years Faroudja has been the leader in video processing technology.


DVP-1010 Digital Video Processor Brochure/Spec ... - CurtPalme.com


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