Oh, you made me think of something, does yor Expobar have a 2-hole steam tip? Or another one? Mine is a 2 hole but it seems to be a toss up between this one and a four hole for popularity that is Any thoughts. Posted January 27, link. Also, is it possible to get another portafilter somewhere?

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Oh, you made me think of something, does yor Expobar have a 2-hole steam tip? Or another one? Mine is a 2 hole but it seems to be a toss up between this one and a four hole for popularity that is Any thoughts.

Posted January 27, link. Also, is it possible to get another portafilter somewhere? I have the stock Expobar with 2 spouts usually used with the double basket , but I would like to have another one for the single basket or a bottomless one Thanks again for replying, it is a little overwhelming for a newbie to go through 3 or 4 years of posts and at the same time, I'm sure it must be repetitive for seniors to go through the same questions over and over again Groundhog day revisited!

Hopefully, the learning period will be short and I can start contributing more interesting posts. Since we have the same machine, I was wondering what makes me get a messy puck sometimes after a shot? I mean, sometimes its nice and dry and basically neat. Other times it's wet and messy and needs cleaning the PF before doing another shot Is this a tamp problem or grinder setting. Posted January 31, link. It is doserless and grinds with a timer. The grind selection is a stepless knob that I feel I could turn for ages It took a while to find a setting that roughly takes sec to get Anyway, another thing that bothers me is blonding.

I get pretty thick crema but I have difficulty in noticing when it's time to stop since it always changes color. Any suggestions? Would there be video clips of properly made shots, under-extracted, over-extracted, videos showing blonding???

Hello, Does anybody have litterature on the Office Control? User's manual? Care and manintenance manual? I was wondering what was the general maintenace routine on the expobar office control? How do you backflush? Is there an automatic self-cleaning mode on the office control? Do you backflush with any special products?

What about the boiler? Anything recommended there? Also, how do you program the shots? How do you set pre-infusion on and off and what other usefull info should I know since I got this machine without any litterature and the Crem web site is a joke Thank you very much for any info Dude, It is late and I am off to bed The actual manual is a joke.

The manual that WLL sends along with the machine is quite a bit better. Then you can push whichever one you desire, and water will begin to flow.

Press it again when the desired amount has come out of the group. I've programed two for cooling flushes 7oz and 5oz and one for a 2 oz shot. When programming for a shot, it is necessary to have a locked an loaded portafilter, or you won't get the correct quantity. I only use the pre-programmed button for making a shot when I'm building a cappa. Otherwise I always eyeball it. As for backflushing, if you have the machine at temp, turn it off.

Then hold down the middle button, and turn the machine back on. It will go through a programmed backflush routine.

This is pretty useful, imho. Of course you need to have your blind portafilter loaded with some cafiza or something like that when doing this. Thanx alot. I got a rapid crash course, but nothing about programming and cleaning.

I appreciate the info. Is there anything else I should know about this machine? Thank you very much Luca, I am sorry that I didn't answer sooner I do wish to add the following. Follow rcs's instructions but it is best to remove the drip tray cover first and make sure the drip tray is empty. I always flush one cycle 5 times on-of with Clean Express in the blind PF, then empty the drip tray, rinse off the PF and flsuh a second cycle with the blind PF.

This 2nd backflush clears any remaining stuff out of the system. Then I empty the drip tray and run some water through the PF with the basket therein. Empty the drip tray once again and all is ready to go. After backflushing, I drain the boiler into a bowl in which are 2 teaspoons of Clean Express.

Draining the boiler should help reduce scale build-up and is a simple matter of shutting the machine off and opening the water spout into the bowl until no more water comes out. When you turn the machine on, the boiler will auto fill for a long time since it has been emptied. I do both of the above once a week after the machine is well heated for me, it is on Saturday mornings after my second set of shots. As far as turning off pre-infusion, I do not think it can be done, i.

Thanks Len, I will probably have to do this on saturdays too. I'm starting to get the hang of decent shot pulling, but before I started wasting alot of beans, I wanted to be sure I have a proper cleaning method. From reading a few hours worth of posts here on CG, I've gathered some pretty sound advice for shot pulling and milk frothing. All of which start with getting a ritual going. That's what led me to think the same kind of rigourousness not sure if it's a word Posted January 27, link Mine has a 2 hole tip and always worked fine; I never felt any compunction to change it.

Posted January 27, link Sure, you can buy another PF. The espresso community, both individually and corporately, seems to really enjoy helping others achieve coffee Nirvana. Thanks Len, I appreciate it alot. Posted January 31, link Sorry, mate, but I frankly am not sure. Alternately, there could be something wrong with your machine - but I doubt this.

I did find a Rossi doeserless grinder the Gino Rossi Deli which you can see here - the 3rd grinder over. Is this yours? Posted January 31, link As far as blonding vs. Really, when the falling shot loses its tiger striping, i. Let me try again I would say the shot has blonded when the shot has no other colorations to it.

Frankly, it looks "thinner", i. Does anyone else want to chime in? Cheers, Posted January 25, link I'll try to answer some of these, that haven't been answered already. I can email it to you if you want. Portafilters: Extra Expobar portafilters bottomless or otherwise That are designed for your Expobar and fit perfectly can be purchased from Whole Latte Love.

You can also use any that will fit. I am borrowing a bottomless LM portafilter. It doesn't fit exactly but it works. Speaking of portafilters, you can remove the spouts pretty easily. You can always put them back on, and it's worth it to see the difference, and decide which way you like it.

I suggest you try it. There is no pump to get the water out, it works on pressure only. The only way to really drain it is to remove something like the overpressure valve off the top, stick a small in, and syhon it out. Obviousl you would do this when cool, or run the risk of burning yourself. But, there is no need to drain the boiler fully unless for some reason you really need to. What worldman said to do is fine.

By the way, don't put any cleancaf or anything like that in the boiler to clean it. For the reason I mentioned above, it's very hard to clean something like that out.


Expobar Megacrem

Reset of parameters The level of hazard is determined by the following definitions. Observe the statements to ensure safety, performance, prevent injury and machine damage. Important: Alerts against unsafe practices. Observe to ensure drink quality, machine performance, food safety, to prevent minor personal injury or damage to the machine. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in scalding, serious injury and even death. We hope you enjoy it!


The Expobar G10 – Espresso Machine

The Expobar G10 is a fully featured espresso maker, which is incredibly simple to both use and maintain which makes the overall experience a breeze. It is capable of producing high-quality espresso, cappuccino, and more throughout the traditional and most effective manner. It also comes with a wide range of different features, which are going to facilitate the overall coffee making process for your business. The G10 model is going to allow you to pre-set water dosing which means that the machine is going to automatically produce espresso in order to fit different sizes of the coffee cups and mugs. It is also displays the number of coffees produced if you want it to. There is an You can also take advantage of the comprehensive time management tools offered by the machine to boost the efficiency.

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