Ervand Abrahamian is one of the leading historians of modern Iran, having produced a series of excellent studies covering [End Page ] both the pre-revolution era and the Islamic regime. Abrahamian's account is based mainly on British government archives, Persian-language sources, and the US government documents published in the Foreign Relations of the United States series; he does not appear to have interviewed any of the participants or examined the vast collection of relevant material available in the US National Archives. Partly as a result, his account provides no major new revelations or insights and is misleading in several ways. Despite its title, most of Abrahamian's book focuses on the events surrounding Iran's nationalization of its British-owned oil industry in , which ultimately led to the coup.

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Sign in Create an account. Syntax Advanced Search. About us. Editorial team. Ervand Abrahamian. Science and Society 65 2 - It billed the report as a secret history of the secret coup, and treated it as an invaluable substitute for the U.

But a reconstruction of the coup from other sources, especially from die archives of the British Foreign Office, indicates that this report is highly sanitized. It glosses over such sensitive issues as the crucial participation of the U. What is more, it places the coup in the context the Cold War radier than that of the Anglo-Iranian oil crisis—a classic case of nationalism clashing with imperialism in the Third World.

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Peter Hallward - unknown. Russia, Before the Coup and After. Andrzej Walicki - - Critical Review 5 1 Kevin Chang - manuscript. Philosophy of Science in Iran. Foltz - - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 15 4 Solution in Sight. Chile: The Making of a Coup d'Etat. Cristobal Kay - - Science and Society 39 1 :3 - Quentin Meillassoux - - Urbanomic.

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Five books on the legacy of the 1953 coup in Iran

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But while historians and journalists see the coup of 19 August as a pivotal event for Iran , they agree on little else including the transliteration of his name into Latin letters. The central point at issue in a flurry of books published in recent years is whether the overthrow of Mossadegh led somehow to the Islamic Revolution 26 years later. In Musaddiq and the Struggle for Power in Iran , published in , historian Homa Katouzian argued Mossadegh took up where the Constitutional Revolution of had left off before Reza Shah established the Pahlavi monarchy. Following Katouzian, Stephen Kinzer and Christopher de Bellaigue, American and British journalists respectively, argue their governments made a terrible mistake in toppling someone who shared their values. Visiting Iran in , Kinzer mused:.


It is also important because it might be predicting the future. When the Iranian Revolution deposed the shah and replaced his puppet government with a radical Islamic republic under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the shift reverberated throughout the Middle East and the world, casting a long, dark shadow over U. The New Press is a nonprofit public-interest book publisher. Your gift will support The New Press in continuing to leverage books for social change. Please make a tax-deductible donation today! Skip to main content.

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