More choices in this product category from other manufacturers:. Y need manual for emu e4xt Ultra. Ciro Novelletto wrote: Y need manual for emu e4xt Ultra. Looking for the manual?

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Moderators: Joe. Privacy Terms. Quick links. Any user of these who might know where to find a complete manual? I'm not finding one. I did find this: www. I would also think that the full e4xt ultra manual would be the way to go, since the functionality, as I understand it, is the same. Do I also need a separate manual for OS 4. If anyone knows where I can get these manuals, or has them in pdf format that they can send me, please let me know. I'll get them to you in a bit.

Cool things can be done with realtime crossfading of layers and also programming with cords. I removed mine many years ago. From what I remember You can get midi control over many effect parameters. MIDI control of effect sends. And you can chain the effects together in any way.

I think there's like 14 busses you can utilize however you want. It allows you to use all available outputs if you have them. The major problem is the random loud bursts - a major killer. And the random panning bug. The panning an be avoided if you take certain care with stereo samples. I can't remember why this is but there's info on the net about it. I think if you sample only in mono you can avoid this I think.

For me the random loud bursts made me pull my hair out so I took it out. Some say these are avoided if you use OS 4. Maybe there's some out there running 4. Not me. I have a 4xt ultra. Don't know he rhyme or reason. The machine is flawless without the rfx so I took it ou. Outboard fx are far richer and add more character than doing it all in the emu.

That may be hard to avoid. I paid just over for mine 9 years ago. I haven't looked into the average going rate these days. We can talk about it if you want to pm me.

Makes it x easier to get stuff in and out of an Ultra sampler. Highly recommended. It is in magnificent condition, and indeed has mb RAM and an 80gb hard drive. But I'm excited enough that I wonder what people have to say about the rfx I am rebelling against the notion of spending more for it than I spent on the sampler.

Do they come up for cheap, ever? What do y'all think of them? They don't come up very often by themselves. Usually the better way to get one is to buy a unit that already has one in it. They came standard in the Platinum models. Although really it's more about the integration with the sampler, routing and the control options. It's a tough call whether it's worth it or not. If I could find another one cheap I'd buy a RFX card again or maybe buy a whole unit with one in it, strip out the card and sell the sampler.

I don't miss it personally due to the aforementioned issues. I still have my e4xt ultra and outboard effects do the trick in lieu of the rfx. My two cents.



Manual zz. Now E-MU proudly introduces the new Emulator 4 Ultra: a professional sampling instrument with unrivaled speed, versatility and sonic fidelity that allows you to realize any sound imaginable. The success of the Emulator line over the last 18 years has resulted from the close ties between engineers at E-MU and you, our customer. When you acquire an Emulator, you are investing in a professional instrument that will be supported and developed into the future with sounds, software upgrades and hardware options. Ultra Ultra Hardware The E4 Ultra features a completely new hardware architecture that provides you with a host of benefits. All E4 Ultra samplers are upgradeable to voices of polyphony standard on E4XT Ultra , allowing you to layer and sequence complex sounds without fear of losing any notes, freeing you to concentrate on the creative process and not on the limitations of your sampler. The E4 Ultra also accommodates Flash ROM, allowing you to create and edit custom soundsets that are instantly accessible.








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