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Aqua Medic. EcoTech Marine. Ocean Nutrition. Red Sea. Acanthastrea others. Acanthastrea lordhowensis. Anemones Actiniaria. LPS other. Ricordea florida. Ricordea yuma. Scolymia australis. SPS other. Elacatinus figaro - Yellowline Cleaner Goby.

Sorry, this item is out of stock. If you like we'll send you an email once it is on stock again. Please provide your email address, you will receive an email to confirm the notification. Set up notification. Elacatinus figaro sometimes also Gobiosoma figaro, an old synonym is a cm large goby suitable for tanks 60l and up. They can be bred in the aquarium, and the fish we offer are captive bred as well.

They clean other fish from parasites which makes them a sustainable alternative to Cleaner Wrasses, especially for smaller tanks. Zebrasoma scopas - Scopas Tang. Amphiprion ocellaris - Black False Clownfish Pair.

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Elacatinus figaro

We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. We present new data about its distribution, discussing on the limits of the Brazilian Province and commenting on the IUCN criteria for evaluation on threatening status. Five specimens of E. Results from E.


Human uses

The Yellowline Goby is very similar to the Neon Goby, except that it has yellow lines rather than the blue lines of the Neon Goby. Yellowlines are cleaner gobies, which are always beneficial in aquariums. They also will eat small bits of frozen and dry aquarium foods and are generally welcomed by larger fish because they are recognized as cleaners. The Yellowline Goby is a species native to Brazil, where export of the species is illegal, therefore making captive bred specimens the only choice for hobbyists. Watchman Cryptocentrus cinctus. Tiger Tigrigobius macrodon.


Elacatinus figaro - Yellowline Cleaner Goby

Likely Reef Tank Suitable. Likely Fish-Only Tank Suitable. Natural Environment: Inhabits shallow coral covered rocky bottom areas, both on coastal areas and outer islands. Often found in groups of 6 individuals on coral heads, sometimes among coralline algae covered rocks or encrusting sponges. Will seek protection among the spines of urchins. Is said to clean other fish.

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