So what has changed? Well, it turns out that the original unit I purchased second hand from eBay was indeed faulty in some way. Regular readers of this blog will know I value my DVDO Edge, which has proven to be a flexible and reliable video processor for a number of applications. Originally retailing for thousands, these units are once again becoming sought after and you may need to wait quite some time to find one at a reasonable price. On paper at least, the 50pro is the ultimate gamers upscaler, with support for everything from p up to p and a blistering fast 6ms input lag time for progressive sources.

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So, you are seriously into high performance home theater. You already have a p projector and a great surround-sound system and your home theater is functioning well. What's the next step? Overview The iScan VP50 is not a flashy piece of equipment, but the simple black box houses some amazing capabilities.

The front panel is plain, with only a power button, small display, and menu controls. The rear panel, on the other hand, is jam-packed with audio and video connections.

The VP50's left rear panel PReP - Some devices such as certain cable and satellite receivers will only output a progressive-scan signal, and a lot of them do not have high-quality deinterlacing necessary for pristine home theater. As such, these devices make deinterlacing errors and introduce artifacts into the picture. PReP decodes a progressive-scan signal, essentially re-interlacing it, and then applies the VP50's superior deinterlacing.

This allows you to get unprecedented picture quality out of your set-top box or HD receiver, and results in a cleaner, sharper picture with far fewer deinterlacing artifacts. In practice, the PReP feature is useful for any progressive signal, not just those from devices with sloppy deinterlacing.

When using an interlaced signal from i up through i , the VP50 uses edge, source, and motion-adaptive deinterlacing to eliminate jaggies and other motion artifacts common to interlaced signals.

Deinterlacing is a standard feature in projectors and most DVD players, and deinterlacing quality has been improving consistently over the past few years to the point where most projectors do a wonderful job.

But the VP50's processing takes image quality up a few extra notches, resulting in a crystal-clear picture with astounding detail. The VP50 can deinterlace and upscale a signal with less than three frames of delay. For time-sensitive applications like video games, "Game Mode" cuts this time down even further.

Since projectors generally look their best when displaying a native resolution signal, this results in a cleaner picture. For those of you using anamorphic lenses or perhaps a 2. If you wanted to change a signal to for use with an anamorphic lens, the VP50 can do that for you. If you wanted to force your projector to display a 2. For those with projectors that will not change the aspect ratio of material sent over an HDMI link, this is a life-saving feature that enables the use of an anamorphic lens for 2.

Input Switching - The VP50 is capable of auto-detecting and switching inputs on both audio and video. This one-cable solution eliminates clutter and cuts down on the expense of longer cables for all of your theater components. Since the VP50 processes both audio and video, it can slightly delay a source's audio track to better match its video.

If you have ever noticed a film where an actor's words don't match his lips, this will correct the problem. The downside is that audio must be fed through the VP50 to accomplish this processing, and the VP50's audio connectivity is not nearly as diverse as its video options. Test Pattern Generator - Finally, the VP50 incorporates a suite of test patterns to aid you in calibrating your projector. Essentially, matching these two halves will help to optimize performance. The HDMI 1. As far as video is concerned, we tested the effects of HDMI 1.

The image that was processed by the VP50 was cleaner and more attractive than the direct connection from disc player to projector. With the sources currently available HDMI 1. Since there aren't any HDMI 1. As the VP50 does not have 5. And when HDMI 1. There is one way to take advantage of the new HD audio formats with the VP Find a Projector Login. Classroom Interactive Portable. Find a projector based on your desired features and specs. Throw Calculator.

Bill Livolsi So, you are seriously into high performance home theater. Subscribe to Updates. The VP50's left rear panel. The VP50's right rear panel.


DVDO iScan VP50Pro Video Processor Review

Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. Especially as any major shortcomings in your AV knowledge can be handily overcome by the fact that the VP50Pro is intended to be installed for you by a professional, as part of a wider home cinema installation. But overall the VP50Pro definitely feels like a product designed to be placed in a dedicated and hidden AV gear rack rather than left out for public consumption.

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Anchor Bay's DVDO iScan VP50 Video Processor


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