Quick Links. Table of Contents Safety Instructions General Safety Instructions Product Safety Instructions Battery Safety Instructions

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents Safety Instructions General Safety Instructions Product Safety Instructions Battery Safety Instructions Regulatory Information Equipment Checklist Handset Illustration Handset Features Basic Handset Features Additional Handset Features Administrator Features Base Illustration Base Features Basic Base Station Features Charger Illustration Charger Features Getting Started Base Station Installation Handset and Charger Installation Basic Operations Operation Modes Base Operation Modes Handset Operation Modes Making a Telephone Call Handset to Handset Calls Making a Broadcast Broadcasting from Base to Handset Broadcasting from Handset to Base Receiving a Telephone Call Receiving an Intercom Call Ending a Call Adjusting Receiver Earpiece Voice Volume Placing a Call On Hold Do Not Disturb Silent Ring Table of Contents.

Digital long range cordless system, single line durafon pro system 36 pages. Industrial cordless digital long range cordless phone system 29 pages. Digital long range industrial cordless phone systems 66 pages.

Page 2: Safety Instructions Key Guard Page 3: Battery Safety Instructions 3. Changes or modifications to this product not expressively approved by the manufacturer will void the warranty and the FCC authorization to operate the equipment. Use only manufacturer provided accessories. Do not use the telephone near water. Never spill liquid of any kind on this product. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1 this device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

The 1 c. Page 6: Additional Handset Features b. Sends a Flash signal to phone line to retrieve a dial tone after the call ends, or to perform the call waiting feature provided by local phone companies during a call.

Places an intercom call to another handset ID or a group ID group paging. Page 7: Administrator Features 9. Key-guard Dialing Prefix a. Up to 14 digits, including pause s , one access code can be pre- programmed to be added automatically in front of the dialed number when dialing from call logs, phonebook, and dial-and-send dialing. Antenna a. The antenna port has a reverse thread connector; to remove antenna or cable, turn clockwise; DC In 2.

It is impossible to overcharge the battery using this charger. Page Getting Started Getting Started Base Station Installation There are three possible base station setups: Base station alone Base station plus telephone answering device Base station plus standard telephone For best performance, maintain at least a distance of 1 meter about 3 feet between the base station and other electronic devices e.

Page Basic Operations Basic Operations Operation Modes Both the base station and handset have levels of operation at which time only certain procedures of functions can be performed. Base Operation Modes 1. IDLE mode- this is the default mode. The intercom, broadcast, and volume keys are active in IDLE mode.

If no Base ID show up, it applied that you are approaching the boundary of the coverage. Broadcasting from Base to Handset Broadcast to all handsets a. Press Broadcast key on the base station to broadcast to all registered handsets. After hearing bi-bi-beep signal; begin broadcast message. The Broadcast LED will light up.

If your handset s is purchased as part of a system, it has been pre- registered with the base station at the factory. Page Call Transfer 2.

Use admin handset, HS 11 or HS12, to conduct the registration for 2 , and 4 base unit. Registration: a. Press and hold the Registration REG button on that additional base unit, which you want to add into the system, for 2 seconds until 4 LEDs light c. Page Phonebook Operations b. Press 1 to enter Tone selection c. You can adjust the dial mode between Tone and Pulse. The default setting is Tone. Flash a. Press Menu-9 and enter the two-digit base ID to enter the System mode.

Page Call Barring 4. The entries are alphabetically sorted and stored as a list in an ascending order A to Z from the top of the list. If the phonebook is entered from the menu, the first entry displayed is the top of the list. Page Text Messaging Text Messaging 1. Short text messages, up to 50 characters each, can be sent from a handset to another handset or a group of handsets.

Up to 5 outgoing messages can be edited, stored and sent. Repeat the same operation to edit the second and even the third PBX feature that you will use frequently. Use to scroll through the list. This manual is also suitable for: Durafon 1x. Print page 1 Print document 23 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account?

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EnGenius DuraFon 1X Instruction Manual



EnGenius Technologies DURAFON-1X Cordless Telephone User Manual


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