The Department of Defense Architecture Framework DoDAF defines a common approach for presenting, describing and comparing DoD enterprise architectures across organizational, joint or multinational boundaries. It also promotes the use of common terminology, assumptions, and principles to facilitate integration better. These views offer overview and details aimed at specific stakeholders within their domain and in interaction with other domains in which the system will operate. These views are artifacts for visualizing, understanding and assimilating the broad scope and complexities of an architecture description through tabular, structural, behavioral, ontological, pictorial, temporal, graphical, probabilistic, or alternative conceptual means.

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This tutorial is useful for learning general concepts, definition, configuration, applications, and process of DoDAF. This tutorial acts as a learning map, demonstrating what you need to learn about DoDAF.

DoDAF provides the architecture combined of the components of an organization, system, or enterprise to function as a unified model visualizing the links among the system components in reality. Now that we know what DoDAF is and where it is originated from, let us talk about the main goal it is supposed to fulfill. The primary goal of DoDAF application, and other integrated enterprise architecture frameworks in general, would be to build solid and reliable connection of complex information.

Such would help all the stakeholders to focus on the details of the enterprise that otherwise would have not been easy to see. DoDAF also allows managers to make wise, efficient decisions by providing them with a coherent and reliable way of information presentation. Therefore, all the components of DoDAF are designed to serve this goal. In order to achieve more effective and efficient result, DoDAF has been refined and evolved for the past years, from its initial version to this day.

Although DoDAF 2. If you are one of those who still are using DoDAF 1. Components of DoDAF. DoDAF Viewpoints. Each of the DoDAF viewpoints serves a particular purpose, covering the following:. Below, we have outlined the capability-based of approach and analysis:. Capability-Based Approach and Analysis. DoDAF Route. Browse through our catalogue to find the best training that fits your needs:.

Enterprise Architecture Training.


What is DoDAF Framework

Is it just for guidance? Is this really necessary? Is it just another IT fad? They usually were too intractable and inaccessible.


DoDAF Tutorial

Architecting is a tool used by Program Managers PM and Systems Engineers in developing a system to help designers meet all stated function and physical requirements, collaborate across organizations and provides value information for decision makers. There are a number of types of Architectures that are used in system development:. DoDAF is the overarching, comprehensive framework and conceptual model enabling the development of architectures for DoD systems. These steps are:. AcqLinks and References:. There are a number of types of Architectures that are used in system development: Functional Architecture: model that identifies system function and their interactions.

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