The network administrator wants to configure a switch to pass VLAN update information to other switches in the domain but not update its own local VLAN database. Which two steps should the administrator perform to achieve this? Choose two. Reset the VTP counters.

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A network administrator issues the show ipv6 eigrp neighbors command. A network administrator issues the command R1 config license boot module c technology-package securityk9 on a router. What is the effect of this command? The IOS will prompt the user to reboot the router. The features in the Security package are available immediately. Not all options are used. Source Filename? Refer to the exhibit.

Which technological factor determines the impact of a failure domain? Choose two. The IOS version 15 license key is unique to each device, whereas the IOS version 12 license key is not device specific. The IOS 12 version has commands that are not available in the 15 version. IOS version What are two results of issuing the displayed commands on S1, S2, and S3? S3 can be elected as a secondary bridge. S2 can become root bridge if S3 fails. S1 will automatically adjust the priority to be the lowest.

Which action should be taken when planning for redundancy on a hierarchical network design? Fill in the blank. Use the acronym. Which encryption protocol is used by the WPA2 shared key authentication technique?

What are two errors in the present EtherChannel configurations? Desirable mode is not compatible with on mode. The trunk mode is not allowed for EtherChannel bundles. Two auto modes cannot form a bundle. Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question.

Which message was displayed on the web server? Work done! Wonderful work! A network administrator has configured an EtherChannel between two switches that are connected via four trunk links. If the physical interface for one of the trunk links changes to a down state, what happens to the EtherChannel?

Spanning Tree Protocol will recalculate the remaining trunk links. The EtherChannel will remain functional. Spanning Tree Protocol will transition the failed physical interface into forwarding mode. What are two requirements when using out-of-band configuration of a Cisco IOS network device?

A router has been removed from the network for maintenance. A new Cisco IOS software image has been successfully downloaded to a server and copied into the flash of the router.

What should be done before placing the router back into service? Delete the previous version of the Cisco IOS software from flash. Back up the new image. Restart the router and verify that the new image starts successfully.

Why did R1 and R2 not establish ad adjacency? The link-local address must be the same on both routers. The AS number must be the same on R1 and R2. The no shutdown command is misapplied on both routers. The router ID must be the same on both routers. Do not use abbreviations. A WLAN user wants to allocate an optimal amount of bandwidth to a specific online game. What is a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi tool that will allow the user to do this? Speed Test. Media Prioritization. A network administrator is analyzing first-hop router redundancy protocols.

What is a characteristic of VRRPv3? VRRPv3 is Cisco proprietary. It supports IPv6 and IPv4 addressing. It allows load balancing between routers. It works together with HSRP. It specifies advanced IP services features such as advanced security and service provider packages. It provides regular bug fix maintenance rebuilds, plus critical fix support for network-affecting bugs. It is used for long-term maintenance, enabling customers to qualify, deploy, and remain on the release for an extended period.

It provides premium packages and enables additional IOS software feature combinations that address more complex network requirements. A network administrator is analyzing first -hop router redundancy protocols. What is characteristic of VRRPv3. After EIGRP authentication has been configured, the router must be rebooted to be able to reestablish adjacencies.

If adjacencies are displayed after the use of the show ipv6 eigrp neighbors command, then EIGRP authentication was successful. If only one router has been configured for EIGRP authentication, any prior adjacencies will remain intact. What will be a result of entering these commands? S2 will set the priority value for VLAN 10 to S1 will set the priority value for VLAN 20 to S1 will set the priority value for VLAN 10 to 0.

What are two drawbacks to turning spanning tree off and having multiple paths through the Layer 2 switch network? Broadcast frames are transmitted indefinitely. Port security shuts down all of the port that attached devices. The switch acts like a hub. The Mac address table becomes unstable. Port security becomes unstable. Its topology table contains two feasible successors to the same network. What action will the router take? The router will query neighbors for an alternate route.

The router uses the default route. The DUAL algorithm is recomputed to find an alternate route. The best alternative backup route is immediately inserted into the routing table. What is the function of STP in a scalable network? It combines multiple switch trunk links to act as one logical link for increased bandwidth. It decreases the size of the failure domain to contain the impact of failures. It protects the edge of the enterprise network from malicious activity. It disables redundant paths to eliminate Layer 2 loops.

Match the OSPF router type description with its name. Area border routers: All the routers of this type maintain separate LSDBs for each area to which they connect. Autonomous System Boundary Routers: Routers that have at least one interface attached to an external internetwork another autonomous system , such as a non-OSPF network. What is a requirement to configure a trunking EtherChannel between two switches?

The participating interfaces must be on the same module on a switch. The participating interfaces must be physically contiguous on a switch.

The participating interfaces must be assigned the same VLAN number on both switches. The allowed range of VLANs must be the same on both switches.

What could be the problem? No router IDs are configured on the routers. The routers were not configured with the network command.

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