To open and edit. Contact your system administrator if you are unsure of the setup of your system. This tutorial guides you through the basics of using the Endevor Package Editor to open and edit. Note: If the existing package does not contain valid SCL commands, then the Endevor Package Editor does not open and an error message is displayed in its place. Note: The Add button becomes active only after a command is selected from the menu.

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Enhanced Endevor element edit support Exporting search results You can export Endevor search results to a text file, which you can then import into a spreadsheet program. Individual resource extensions are propagated according to the Endevor type associated with the container in which the resource is located. This action opens the element in browse mode. Elements that are opened in browse mode are placed in a temporary location and are not saved. If you want to change the element, you must first extract the element to a project.

Printing a Member Use the print member action function call to print selected information about a member you specify. You can print from the host or from selected output libraries for example, a PDS. You can add elements in two ways. You can add a single element by using the custom Add Element action that is available on Endevor elements and containers, or you can add multiple elements by using the Add to Endevor action that is available on members in the Remote System Explorer view.

You can put retrieved elements directly in a data set, which is accessible through the Remote System Explorer view, or in an MVS subproject. Transferring an element The Transfer Element function copies or moves an element from one source location environment, system, subsystem, type, etc. Endevor submit as batch job actions Endevor actions are submitted as batch jobs, but you can specify for the action to be submitted in three ways, depending on the way you initiate the action: Preview JCL , Run in foreground , and Submit on host.

The individual parameter values are often unique to the CA Endevor element that has the action performed on it. In Rational Developer for System z v8. Viewing generate output The output of an Endevor generate action can be viewed through Rational Developer for System z by having it sent to a JES spool instead of a data set.

Related concepts : Content views. Retrieving an element. Adding an element.


Accessing the CA Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)

Automated Configuration Option Guide. This documentation may not be copied, transferred, reproduced, disclosed or duplicated, in whole or. This documentation is proprietary information of CA. Notwithstanding the foregoing, licensed users may print a reasonable number of copies of this documentation for their own internal use, provided that all CA copyright notices and legends are.


Endevor Package Editor tutorial

It also competes against another CA source code management tool, Panvalet. Endevor provides control of source and related code objects as individual elements. The reference "element" is used to define the smallest object for which Endevor controls. Many functions executed in interactive mode are completed in batch mode.


Endevor Manual




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