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Commission staff working document , OJ L , vol. Kidd, M. Mench, V. Bert, I. Dimitriou et al. DOI : Delplanque, S. Collet, D. Gratta, F. Schnuriger, B. Gaucher et al. Chalot, D. Blaudez, Y. Rogaume, A. Provent, and P. Biomethane and. Report , Annual statistical report of the European Biogas Association on the European anaerobic digestion industry and markets -http , Wong and Y.

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Commission staff working document , OJ L , vol. Kidd, M. Mench, V. Bert, I.



Description Open PDF. Obligation to provide evidence of energy efficiency measures for energy suppliers. Energy Efficiency and the institutional framework the federal Government and the Regions. Flanders - Promotion of photovoltacc solar panels via green certificates, preceded by subsidies. Flanders - Imposing RUE-public service obligations on the electricity distribution network operators. Wallonia - Green Certificates for renewable electricity and high yield cogeneration. Wallonia - Subsidies for cogeneration.


Framework for the use of landscaping waste for alternative energy generation

Against the background of alternative sources for feeding biogas plants, this paper aims to consider a utilization of landscaping waste as alternative to common crops. In consideration of survey data, a robust framework is proposed based on characterizations of source and sink to meet the requirements of both sides reliably. Depending on available data and further surveys, a level of detail approach of a biomass supply chain is conducted in this regard. In this context, different types of landscaping waste suitable for both biogas generation and incineration were defined. With respect to the sporadically minor quantities of landscaping waste, minor capacity load in terms of transportation is one crucial factor within an entire concept of logistics. Due to the arising cost function, possibilities and needs of utilizing landscaping waste for alternative energy generation in biogas plants and incineration plants are drawn.


Regenerative energy production using energy crops


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