British Empire. The British defeat compelled Arthur Percival to order all Allied aircraft stationed in Malaya to withdraw to Singapore. Allied defences at Jitra were not complete when the Pacific War broke out. Many of the field telephone cables laid across the waterlogged ground also failed to work, resulting in a lack of communication during the battle. Batteries from the th Field Regiment, the 22nd Mountain Regiment and the 80th Anti-tank Regiment provided the artillery support.

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Podcast: Play in new window Download. The third of the Battle of Singapore series. The 11th Indian Infantry Division, operating on the west coast, as well as the 9th Indian Infantry Division, on the East, both find themselves unable to deal with a few Japanese Battalions and a few companies of light tanks.

Within a week, half the Malayan peninsula is lost. Soon, Singapore will be open to direct bombing by nearby, land based enemy bombers. The order of the day is retreat. This potpourri of an episode has lots from early in the Pacific. Then asking the question, what was The Japanese determine that Burma must be occupied to protect their new possession of Malaya. Joe Stilwell and British Gen. Wavell to stop them. The problem is the Allies don't trust each other, in regards to Burma's future The Americans and Australians achieve a surprise air raid on Lae and Salamaua, now owned by the Japanese, Episode The Battle of Jitra.

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Battle of Jitra



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