An Agricultural Produce Market Committee APMC is a marketing board established by a state government in India to ensure farmers are safeguarded from exploitation by large retailers, as well as ensuring the farm to retail price spread does not reach excessively high levels. The first sale of agriculture produce can occur only at the market yards mandis of APMC. The concept of agriculture produce market regulation programme in India dates back to British period as raw cotton was the first farm produce to attract the attention of the Government due to anxiety of British rulers to make available the supplies of pure cotton at reasonable prices to the textile mills of Manchester UK. Consequently, first regulated market Karanja under Hyderabad Residency Order was established in in the Country and the first legislation was the Berar Cotton and Grain Market Act of , which empowered British Resident to declare any place in the assigned district a market for sale and purchase of agricultural produce and constitute a committee to supervise the regulated markets.

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Short title, extent and commencement. Notification of intention of regulation marketing of agricultural produce in specified area. Declaration of regulation of marketing of specified agricultural produce in market area. Establishment of markets. Establishment of National Integrated Produce Market. Power to make regulations. Direct marketing establishment of private market and farmer consumer market and redressal of disputes. Procedure and form of Contract Farming Agreement.

Establishment of Electronic trading platform. Grant or Renewal of licence to establish Electronic trading platform. Integration of licence holder under section 5G to EPlatform. Interoperability of Etrading platforms. Payment to the sellers and maintenance of accounts. Suspension or Cancellation of licence of electronic trading platform. Dispute settlement. Obligation of licensee under section 5G for Etrading platform.

Regulation of marketing of agricultural produce. Grant of licences. Power to cancel or suspend licences. Provision for settlement of disputes. Establishment of Market Committees. Incorporation of Market Committees. Constitution of Market Committees. Election and term of office of members. Election Fund. Commencement of term of office of members. Provision for appointment of administrator after normal or extended term of office of members expires.

Resignation of members and nomination in certain circumstances. Removal of member for misconduct. Election of Chairman and ViceChairman. Term of office of Chairman and ViceChairman. Chairman and ViceChairman to hold office until their successors enter upon office. Honorarium to Chairman and ViceChairman. Procedure for election of Chairman and ViceChairman. Resignation of Chairman and ViceChairman. Motion of noconfidence against Chairman or ViceChairman. Vacancies in office of Chairman and ViceChairman to be filled.

Refusal to hand over charges to new Chairman or ViceChairman. Meeting etc. Annual General Meeting of Market Committee. Members to act during vacancy; acts of Committee etc. Powers and duties of Market Committee.

Appointment of subcommittees; delegation of power. Power of the Market Committee to open collection centre for marketing of notified produce; provisions for receipt and payment by purchaser. Power of Market Committee to levy fees [and rates of commission adat.

Power to borrow. Power to order production and power of entry, inspection, search and seizure. Power to write off loss, shortage or fee, etc. Power to make alternative arrangement during strikes.

Power to take steps to prevent purchases of agricultural produce below support price. Power of Market Committee to evict from shop, gala, shed plot, or any other premises and to remove encroachment.

Execution of contracts. Certain disputes regarding construction of rules etc. Supervision over purchase of agricultural produce in any market or market area and payment of cost of supervision by purchaser. Default of Market Committee in collecting or paying cost of supervision. Power of Market Committee to employ staff. Power of Government to appoint Secretary of Market Committee. Market Fund; its custody and investment. Purposes for which Market Fund may be expended. Manner of preparing budget, etc.

Funds not to be utilized for certain proceedings filed or taken by or against officers in personal capacities. Making or recovery of trade allowance prohibited. Establishment of State Agricultural Marketing Board. Constitutions of State Marketing Board. Managing Director of State Marketing Board. Officers and servants of State Marketing Board. Member not disqualified from contesting elections or as members of State Legislature or local authorities.

Term of office of members. Casual vacancies. Members to act during vacancy, acts, etc. Resignation of members. Allowances of members. Functions and powers of State Marketing Board. Establishment and administration of Agricultural Marketing Development Fund. Power of State Marketing Board to borrow. Utilisation of the Development Fund. Audit of accounts. Inspection, inquiry, submission of statements, etc.

Duty of officers and members to furnish information to Director, authorized officers and State Government. Powers of the Director to prohibit execution of resolution passed or order made by Committee etc. Seizure of account books and other documents.

Amalgamation or division of Market Committees. Supersession of Market Committee, etc. Penalty for contravention of section 6. Penalty for contravention of provisions relating to Etrading.

Penalty for not complying with directions under section 26 2. Penalty for making or recovering trade allowances. Penalty for failure to obey order under section Penalty for contravening provisions of section 40 or Penalty for contravention of section General provision for punishment of offences. Compounding of offence. Members to be held responsible for misapplied funds.

Bar of suit in absence of notice. Trial of offences. Recovery of sums due to Government or Market Committee. Power of State Government to delegate powers. Power to exempt Market Committees, etc. Duty of local authorities to give information and assistance to Market Committee.


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