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Daniel Tarr et. Mediaeval Angels. Miscellaneous Angels. Based on the Esoteric Archives , who providing much of the raw information for the Mediaeval Angel section. Be the first of your friends. Angelology is that branch of theology which treats of angels. In one form or another, the belief in angels appears in the earliest stages of Jewish history, and continues to live in the spiritual world of the Jews and those professing the religions that sprang from Judaism; namely, Christianity and Mohammedanism.

It can not be denied that the belief in such beings was also held by other peoples and other religions. The Biblical name for angel,. Other appellations are.

Angels appear to man in the shape of human beings of extraordinary beauty, and are not at once recognized as angels Gen. They are pure and bright as heaven; consequently they are formed of fire and are encompassed by light Job, xv. Though superhuman, they assume human form. This is the earliest conception.

Gradually, and especially in post-Biblical times, they come to be bodied forth in a form corresponding to the nature of the mission to be fulfilled—generally, however, the human form. They bear drawn swords or destroying weapons in their hands—one carries an ink-horn by his side—and ride on horses Num.

A terrible angel is the one mentioned in I Chron. It is an open question whether at that time angels were imagined to possess wings Dan. Angels are powerful and dreadful, endowed with wisdom and with knowledge of all earthly events, correct in their judgment, holy, but not infallible; for they strive with each other, and God has to make peace between them.

When their duties are not punitive, angels are beneficent to man Ps. The system of archangels is a very old tradition originating in Judaism. In the science of angelology different sources disagree on the names and identities of the Three, Seven, or Ten Archangels.

Various occult systems associate each archangel with one of the traditional seven luminaries and the ten kabbalistic sephiras but there is disagreement as to which archangel corresponds to which sphere.

Nathanael or. Xathanael or. Dionysius the Areopagite. List 1. Set over the Spirits of Men. Takes Vengeance on the Luminaries. Set over the Spirits. Set over. Set over Those who Rise. List 2. Set over all the Powers. Set over Repentance unto Hope of those who inherit Eternal Life. Samuil or. Raguil or. Baraqiel or. Sidriel or. Samael or. Geonic Lore. Uriel or. Gregory the Great. Hierarchy Of The Blessed Angels. Khshathra Vairya. Desired Realm. Sound Views. Azrail or. Jibril or. Mikal or.

Izrael or. The 3 Archangels. In Western Christianity, notably Catholicism, there is only valid and proper devotion able to be given to three archangels in particular: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, the only three named angels in the Old and New Testaments.

The 4 Archangels. Kingdom of Spirits. Kingdom of East. Kingdom of South. Kingdom of West. Kingdom of North. Intelligible Hierarchies. Rulers of the Elements. Consecrated Animals. The Eagle. The Lion. The Man. The Bull. Clavis Inferni. Meteorologica Cosmica. Judaic Tribe. Tribe of Dan on the right. Tribe of Ephraim behind. Tribe of Reuben on the left. Reubin [Ruben]. Triplicities of the tribes of Israel.

Simeon [Simehon]. Zabulum [Zabulon]. Triplicities of Apostles. Four Evangelists. Triplicities of Zodiac Signs. The Stars, and Planets, related to the Elements. Jupiter, and Venus. Mars, and the Sun.

Saturn, and Mercury. The fixt Stars, and the Moon. Qualities of the Celestial Elements. Perfect kinds of mixt bodies. Kinds of Animals. The 7 Archangels. Various occult systems associate each archangel with one of the traditional seven luminaries — the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn — and the ten kabbalistic sephiras but there is disagreement as to which archangel corresponds to which body. The 7. Sigils of the 7 Archangels [ Heptameron ].

The 7 Days of the week. The 7 Planets. Zodiac Sign. The 10 Archangels. According to the Golden Dawn 's interpretation of the Kabbalah , there are ten archangels , each commanding one of the choirs of angels and corresponding to one of the Sephirot. The system is based on the Jewish angelic hierarchy. Angelic Order. The Seven.





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