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Badania Publikacje Publikacje. Acid-base surface properties of glass-ionomers determined by IGC. Voelkel A. Staszak K. Adsorptive stripping tensammetry of homogeneous short-chained dodecylnanoethoxylates. Lukaszewski Z. Szymanski A. Advantages of electrochemical hydrogen storage over gas adsorption in nanoporous carbons. Alkali metal cationization of alkyl glucosides under electrospray ionisation conditions. Zembrzuska J. An efficient two-step process for producing opened multi-walled carbon nanotubes of high purity.

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Wawrzyniak J. Maciejewska A. Lota K. Carbon materials for electrochemical energy conversion and environment protection. Carbon nanotubes as a support for catalyst particles. Lota G. Chain length dependent termination in radical cross-linking polymerization.

Andrzejewska E. Characteristics of falling films of surfactants and polymers solutions. Cloud Point Extraction of Direct Yellow. Tatara E. Concentration effect on density and viscosity of natural coffee concentrates. Correlation of the irreversible lithium capacity with the active surface area of modified carbons.

Crystal structures of 1,4-di 1-imidazolyl butane dihydrochloride, C10H16N4 Cl2. Decomposition of Ionic Liquids by Photocatalysis. Morawski A. Khomenko V. Dibutylbutyl phosphonate as an extractant of zinc II from hydrochloric acid solutions. Regel-Rosocka M. Dispersive surface properties of glass-ionomer cements determined by inverse gas chromatography.

Distribution of the local shear rate values in boundary layer of the agitated vessel. Drag reducing polymer solutions: pumping effect.

Materna K. Effect of elbows and sudden contraction of cross section on drag reduction effect in surfactant solution flowing in pipe system.

Effect of nitrogen in carbon electrode on the supercapacitor performance. Effect of pore size distribution of coal-based activated carbons on double layer capacitance.

Gryglewicz G. Effect of the geometry of plate membrane diffusers on hold-up and power mixing during aeration in an agitated tank. Electrical conductivity in New imidazolium salts of dicarboxylic acids. Pogorzelec-Glaser K. Electrochemical energy storage in ordered porous carbon materials. Vix-Guterl C. Electrooxidation of phenol at electodes prepared of selected types of exfoliated graphites.

Electrospray ionisation mass spectrometric study of purine base-cisplatin complexes. Electrospray ionisation mass spektrometry of pyrimidine base-rubidium complexes. Franska M. Estimation of the diffusion coefficient based on adsorption measurements in the model extraction systems. Extraction of phenols and phenyl acetates with diethyl carbonate. Olejniczak J. Janaszczyk M. Pernak J. Heat capacity of ionic liquids and the heat of their solutions in molecular liquids. Waliszewski D.

Rogalewicz R. Hydroliza enzymatyczna skrobi utlenionej w bioreaktorze membranowym. Le Thanh J. Inverse gas chromatographic determination of solubility parameters of excipients. Adamska K. Paukszta D. Procesy wymiany masy. Ionic liquids and paper. Przybysz K. Ionic liquids as an alternative to formalin in histopathological diagnosis.

Pernak A. Isotachophoretic determination of carboxylic acids in biodegradation samples. Zgola-Grzeskowiak A.

Kinetics of zinc II extraction from model hydrochloric acid solutions in Lewis cell. Niemczewska J. Mass spectrometric decompositions of copper complexes with ester and amides of nicotinic acid. Borowiak-Resterna A. Mass transfer enhancement in Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids flowing in channels of the sinusoidal shape.

Modyfikacja kompozycji fotoutwardzalnych poli oksypropylenodiolami. Nickel foam-based composite electrodes for electrooxidation of methanol. Kwiatkowska M. Raymundo-Pinero E. Phosphonium Acesulfamate Based Ionic Liquids. Photochemical oxygen evolution using polysulfide as sacrificial electron acceptor. Milczarek G. Borysiak S. Prepatation of Phtalocyanine Modified Electrodes.

An Electrophoretic Approach. Problemy terminologii w kompozytach i wyrobach kompozytowych. Braszczynska-Malik K. Production of instant coffee concentrates in paddle agitator mixer. Protic ionic liquids with organic anion as wood preservative. PTFE capillary trap as a tool to monitor non-ionic surfactants in the aquatic environment. Relation between Candida maltosa hydrophobicity and hydrocarbon biodegradation. Chrzanowski L. Removal of zinc II and iron II from spent hydrochloric acid by means of anionic resins.

Reologiczna i strukturalna ocena mieszanin polimerowych w warunkach inwersji faz. Kruszelnicka I.


Liquid printed-circuit cleaner



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