Please note : This is an employer driven category which means you need a valid job offer and the support of your employer before you apply. If you graduated in Alberta , you may be eligible to apply under the post-graduate worker category. Under the post-graduate worker category you do not need employer support. If you are working in a NOC C occupation, you must submit official test results showing that you meet the minimum language standards, and your test results cannot be more than two years old at the time of application to the AINP. The only official test results that the AINP will accept are listed below, along with the minimum language standards. You will also need to fill out and submit copies only of the following CIC forms.

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The Alberta skilled workers category is a way for you to be nominated by the province of Alberta to apply for permanent residence in Canada as a skilled worker. After you and your employer are deemed eligible the AINP will issue you a letter of nomination and your application will be processed by Citizenship and immigration Canada.

Please note : After you have been nominated by the province, you are eligible to apply for a temporary work permit until CIC makes a decision on your PNP application. If you receive a nomination, you will need to submit the following forms to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. You can pay this fee online on the IRCC website or download the payment form and mail it with your application. Once you have completed all of the forms and gathered all the necessary documents, mail the application to the following address:.

After you have been nominated, send the CIC forms and supporting documents including the nomination letter to the following address. Want help with your application? Contact us.

View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Skilled Worker Immigration Alberta. Alberta Skilled worker The Alberta skilled workers category is a way for you to be nominated by the province of Alberta to apply for permanent residence in Canada as a skilled worker. Here are the steps in the process: Apply to the province to be nominated. The province will assess whether you and your employer are eligible to be nominated.

If you are found eligible, the province will issue you a letter of nomination. CIC will require you to undergo a Medical examination and they will perform a security background check. Under the PNP category, CIC will only assess the applicant on medical examination and security background check and not on other grounds.

CIC will issue you permanent residence status. Employer Criteria: Your employer must: Be an incorporated or registered company in Alberta and operating as a business in Alberta i. Provide a job offer to you, the candidate, of a permanent not contract job with full time hours at least 35 hours per week in a skilled occupation. NOC A: which are occupations which routinely require at least university education.

NOC B: which are occupations which usually require college education college is different from university in Canada. The job offer must meet Alberta's standards for salaries and for employment. The job offer must not violate an existing collective bargaining agreement and it cannot be used to subvert a labour dispute. Provide proof of their authorization to hire you, i. Show that the job offer complies with all the conditions of the LMIA including your age , applicable.

Note: If your occupation is exempt from an LMIA, the employer must show they are offering you wages and benefits which meet industry standards in Alberta. Clearly show the need for your position and that your employer has made an actual, serious effort to hire a Canadian or permanent resident of Canada for your position first, but only if you are not currently working in Alberta i.

You will send the originals to CIC after you have been nominated. Alberta does not charge fees for the process. You are required to pay the Citizenship and Immigration fees when submitting your application to the CIC. You can download the payment form from the CIC website. Testimonial - Ermias. Start Now. Comments View the discussion thread.


Alberta International Graduate Category

The AINP has introduced a bar code to some of our application forms to make it easier for those applying to the program. Download our Helpful hints PDF to assist you in filling out the application forms. You will need at least Adobe Reader 8. If you do not have Adobe Reader 8.


AINP – How to apply

The AINP continues to accept and process applications, with temporary adjustments to some application and assessment processes. Do not re-apply if you already submitted an application under the Employer-Driven Stream or Strategic Recruitment Stream postmarked on or before June 14, You must withdraw your first application before you can submit a new application. Include your AINP file number in this letter. The AINP must confirm that your application has been withdrawn before a new application can be submitted.

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