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Materials and Packing Crystalline materials Metallic Crystal Structures Tend to be densely packed. Reasons for dense packing: 1. Typically, only one element is present, so all atomic radii are the same. Metallic bonding is not directional. Nearest neighbor distances tend to be small in order to lower bond energy. Electron cloud shields cores from each other.

Have the simplest crystal structures. We will examine three such structures Rare due to low packing density only Po has this structur Close-packed directions are cube edges. Adapted from Fig. Example 1: If we pack hard spheres in a bcc lattice such that the atom in the center just touches the atoms at the corners of the cube, find the fraction of the bcc that cell volume filled with hard spheres. Some engineering applications require single crys Diamond single crystals for abrasives. Used with permission.

Turbine blades Fig. Properties of crystalline materials often related to crystal structure. Ex: Quartz fractures more easily along some crystal planes than others. Nb-Hf-W plate with an electron beam weld. Each "grain" is a single crystal. If grains are randomly oriented, overall component properties are not directional. Grain sizes typically range from 1 nm to 2 cm i. K, color inset pages of Callister 5e. K is courtesy of Paul E. Danielson, Teledyne Wah Chang Albany. Isotropic: Properties of a material are identical in all directions Anisotropic: Properties of a material depend on the direction; For example, wood.

In a piece of wood, you can see lines going in one direction; this direction is referred to as "with the grain". The wood is stronger with the grain than "against the grain". Strength is a property of the wood and this property depends on the direction; thus it is anisotropic.

Data from Table 3. Source of data is R. Smith and C. Crystal Systems Unit cell: smallest repetitive volume which contains the complete lattice pattern of a crystal. Translation: integer multiple of lattice constants identical position in another unit cell Vector repositioned if necessary to pass through origin. Read off projections in terms of unit cell dimensions a, b, and c 3. Adjust to smallest integer values 4.

Enclose in square brackets, no commas [uvw]. All parallel planes have same Miller indices. Read off intercepts of plane with axes in terms of a, b, c 2. Take reciprocals of intercepts 3. Reduce to smallest integer values 4.

Enclose in parentheses, no commas i. We want to examine the atomic packing of crystallographic planes Iron foil can be used as a catalyst. The atomic packing of the exposed planes is important. Catalysis is the change in rate of a chemical reaction due to the participation of a substance called a catalyst Diffraction gratings must have spacings comparable to the wavelength of diffracted radiation.

Cant resolve spacings Spacing is the distance between parallel planes of atoms. Measurement of critical angle, qc, allows computation of planar spacing, d.

Coordination number and atomic packing factor We theboth density a material, arecan thepredict same for FCCof and HCP crystal provided we structures. Crystallographic directions and planes are related. Material properties generally vary with single crystal orientation i.

This is referred to as polymorphism polycrystals orwith randomly oriented grains. X-ray diffraction is used for crystal structure and interplanar spacing determinations. Muito mais do que documentos Descubra tudo o que o Scribd tem a oferecer, incluindo livros e audiolivros de grandes editoras. Iniciar teste gratuito Cancele quando quiser. FIZIK 2. Enviado por nurhayati Data de envio Jun 17, Denunciar este documento. Baixe agora.

Pesquisar no documento. Crystalline SiO2 Adapted from Fig. Electron cloud shields cores from each other Have the simplest crystal structures. Anderson Adapted from Fig. Metals have Courtesy P. LD length 2 2a 3. Algorithm 1. Intercepts Reciprocals 3. Miller Indices Example 1. Reduction 4. Varij Gosine. Greg Ulmer. Sreejith V. Roy Vesey. Nuwan Sameera. Azlan Abdul Aziz.

Muhammad Abdullah. Arjun Wadhawan. Milan Petrik. Cazimir Bostan. Rajesh Kumar. Surekha Pravin Alshi. Mudassar Rehman. Pink Panther. Nikita Sharma. Anson John. Mais de nurhayati Tok Wer Jamaluddin. Wong Gan Lung. Akhmal Ariffin. Keshav Aarju. Tobit Chin. Populares em Mathematics. Artha sarokar. Darwin Lim. Nitin Bajpai. Jong Java. Petter P.


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