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My version of the course is structured as a kind of Intro to Western Civilization style course. SlideShare Explore Search You.

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Generally, an eBook can be downloaded in five minutes or less Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Homer is the attributed author of the epics The Iliad and The Odyssey, the first cultural texts of Greek civilization. Were written in the 8th century BCE , soon after the rediscovery of writing in the Greek area. Most scholars believe they are the written culmination of a much older oral compositional tradition.

The epics recount events about the Trojan War that occurred about years earlier traditional date BCE. Homer is, in one tradition, blind. Thus we have the so-called HomericQuestions:Who was Homer? Were the epics written by one ormany authors?

How were they composed writtenor oral? William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Homer and his Guide After studying and recording non-literate oral bards in Yugoslavia inthe s, Milman Parry arguedpervasively that the two Homericepics are grounded in oralcomposition.

In this theory, the written storiesare just a snapshot in time of theoral tradition. Today most Classicists agree that, whetheror not there was ever a composer namedHomer, the poems attributed to him are tosome degree dependent on an oraltradition, a generations-old technique thatwas the collective inheritance of manysinger-poets also called bards 6. The epics recount events about the Trojan War thatoccurred about years prior to Homer. The Iliad covers a period of about 14 days during theten-year long siege of Troy.

The Odyssey recounts one of the main characters fromthe Iliad Odysseus efforts to return to his home, whichtakes him an additional ten years. Both epics are reflections on a lost world the highBronze Age cultures of the Hittites, Mycenae and Minoa as well as reflections on a new emerging Greek moralcode and way of life. Bronze age civilizations weretightly connected via trade. The Minoans, based in Crete,played a vital role in thistrade system for over a years — Crete has a stunningdiversity ofgeographical features.

It appears that Minoaneconomy was based on thecreation and trade ofluxury goods: fine pots,ornamental bronze jewelry,clothes, dyes, paintings. This charmless creature is a Cretan Murex, a mollusk that feeds off decomposing flesh.

It has a horrible odor, but from it, the Minoans extracted something known as Purple. It was a dye that was exceedingly rare and expensive, and throughout most of history, purple is the color of royalty, because only they could afford it. Discoveries of these bronze-agemurex have these holes, which areevidence that the murex werefeeding on each other. That is, theMinoans factory farmed them fortheir purple. Central court — 54m x 27 m —the size of four tennis courts.

What was it used for? McGraw-Hill ImageVault The animals in the Minoanfrescoes are Aurochs which havebeen extinct for nearly years. So-called throne room at Knossos. But is it actually a throne? There is no evidence of walls or any other militaryarchitecture at any of the ancient Minoan townsand palaces.

Similarly, there is little evidence of weapons ormilitary art. The Minoans seemed to lovetheir colors. For instance, theso-called Blue Monkey ThroneRoom. So were the Minoans just makers of luxurygoods and the hosts for the Bronze Age-eraspring break parties? Shrine at Anemospilia the cave of the winds.

Inthe s a discovery was made here which founda skeleton, wearing expensive rings, that appearsto have been crushed by the stone blocks of thewalls or ceiling dating from about BCE. Under its body was another skeleton, this oneof a teenager, lying on an alter, its limbs stillbound up. On its chest was a dagger. The priestappears to have been making a sacrifice as thewalls came tumbling down.

In the modern world we take for granted itsstability. But prior to the later 19th century, inalmost the entire world, it took just two badharvests to wipe out the food supply. Minoans seemed quite exposed at times. Ins BCE, Crete was ravaged by earthquakes. But worse was yet to come. Greek island of Santorini modern name or Thera ancient name Santorini is built on the remains of a volcano Around BCE the island was rocked by severe earthquakes; afew months later the volcano erupted.

Ten times stronger than the eruption of Vesuvius that buriedPompeii, and four times stronger than Krakatau the mostpowerful volcanic eruption of the past several hundred years andwhich killed Crete only 70 miles away and was hit with a gigantic tsunami, thatdestroyed the Minoan naval fleet. Crete was also buried it in ash,which would have caused famine conditions for many years. Excavated Minoan houses on Thera. A recent discovery dating from a few decadesafter the eruption found near the palace ofKnossos.

The flesh from the bones has beenstripped away with a knife. Clear evidence ofcannibalism. Other interesting evidence from the same post-volcano time. Several of these prototypical earth goddessstatues, which are extremely common inMinoan sites perhaps like crucifixes are now werefound purposefully broken, sealed in jars, andthen buried.

Sometime around BCE, mostMinoan cities and palaces appearto have gone up in flames. For instance, at one site, in aroom presumably filled with pithoi large 40 gallon containers holdingolive oil , the heat was so intensethe stone floor was turned intoglass. These fires were not accidents. In othersites, building doors were blockedin before the fire was set. What happened? Orreligious civil war?

Linear A is the earliest writing on Crete and is still un-deciphered. Linear A appears to be the earlier, lost Minoan language.


ISBN 13: 9788481642612

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Urban Project And Ideas Competition In The Northern Area Of Greater Resistencia (Argentina)


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